We would advise to check for any restrictions in the shower head or hose, by this we mean kinks or twists in the hose or lime scale blockages in the spray plate of the shower head, this can be cleaned by soaking the component in warm water and white vinegar for approx. Lights are now on on both parts of the unit and no water comes out. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I wired in a new light fitting once and it was stuck switched on for 9 years. Remove the two screws securing the mixer valve assembly. Your name or email address:

Yeah i think you could be right about the serviceable parts. I’d be seriously thinking about changing it, you can get a decent electric shower for sensible money now and the customer gets reliable showering and peace of mind. Return the valve assembly to your shower unit, re-grease the O-ring that goes between the pump and valve assembly, lift up the pump slightly, fit the re-greased O-ring and connect the mixer valve assembly to the pump. They run diagnostics and self-clean every 24 hours. The digital unit from what I recollect , has a red light which blinks in a non-regular sequence while the unit is re-booting – however I don’t watch that assiduously every time I attempt to re-set the unit. Pull the 10m data cable through into the bathroom.

The majority of Aqualisa showers do not have a name or model written on them but if you have an Aqualisa aqualias shower, the model will be inscribed on the front cover or possibly on the Aqualisa badge. You might need to repeat the process a few aquualisa before the shower returns back to a normal flow rate on both the hot and cold. The issue is really why are you getting RCD trips and power failures?


View all Parts Shower Hoses. The digital unit from what I recollecthas a red light which blinks in a non-regular sequence while the unit is re-booting – however I don’t watch that assiduously every time I attempt to re-set the unit.

If this does not rectify the issue then it will mean that there is a fault with the shower. Coming off a night shift and needing a shower, I was up in the loft at 12am but it worked!

Aqualisa Quartz Shower Not Working – How to Fix It

I’m somewhat disappointed because this product is not exactly cheap. If you live in a hard water area, which is prone to scale and calcification, you may need to descale the shower head every few months or as and when needed.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Dave OCDMay 9, Same problem, forgot to turn dial to cold but after a few attempts the shower unit kicked into live, yes there was quite a bit of trapped air.

Dripping Aqualisa shower repair | Simon Hart

Captain LeakyDec 4, Further steps on how to clear your air lock can be found in these FAQs. Use paper towel to clean the O-ring and the junction of the pump and valve assembly of any old grease and water.

Showrr the unit is still under guarantee in the past year we’ve had 3 failures when lroblem is interrupted to the unit. Blue flashing light keeps flashing. Smart standard un-pumped showers will require a minimum of 1bar pressure.

aqualisa shower problem solving

To remove the flexible hose you must hold this button down and unscrew the handset from the hose connection. Clearly you are still confusing the cause with the effect. If you find a prpblem better somewhere else, call them or contact them, and they may be able to beat it for you.


aqualisa shower problem solving

The bigger the engine size the quicker the eolving heats up. Single outlet Thermostatic Mixer showers and Smart Pumped showers. Note the two notches on the plastic assembly that indicate which way around the valves go. QaualisaDec 5, The idea of this exercise is to use the working supply to create suction down the pipe-work which will then siphon the air out. View all Showers Digital Showers. When I press the on button the light comes on for a split second so,ving sometimes the odd drop of water comes out of the head.

You need to find the control box pictures above then kill the power to it. The control unit was replaced and that shower has been OK to date.

However, and I may be wrong i’m not sure if there are any serviceable parts in the units. The shower was fitted by one of your professional colleagues and is not a DIY job – I trust professionals to do their job.

Check that the maximum temperature on the hot water supply is not above 65degrees. My Aqualisa shower has a habit of dripping after a few years of use. Do you already have an account?