Also many schools give very hard topics in homework. The little time that we have after school, even if it’s just for resting, is being occupied for homeworks. Undoubtedly, homework hinders learning. For who need some explanation on discussion text, see my previous post what is discussion text?. This can affect their jobs, their success and thewell beinging in general Assertion: Homework is a waste of time.

Not everyone in the class works at the same rate so it is necessary for teachers to give anyone who is falling behind the chance to catch up. Answered Feb 13, Instead of working part time while going to school, attempting to win scholarships will not take much effort. Dan tolong pastikan pidato saya tidak masuk ke YouTube. There brains are tired from homework and they do not feel like doing anything after it. Assigning massive amounts of homework indicates massive incompetence, laziness, and failure on the part of the teacher.

A survey reported that 64 percent of children between the ages of six and eight have homework on any given day—twice what the workload was in This leaves teachers tired and with little time to prepare more effective, inspiring lessons. It will help them in their weaker subjects.

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I remember being given lots of repetitive boring questions as homework, that pattern should be changed. If this was done in class those who are faster would have nothing to do during this time, which would be a real waste of time. On the other hand, not many students have the opportunity to compete winning the scholarships.


Example of Narrative Text. Im inggriss the same boat as you though, homework is an absolute joke. There are physical education or gym classes during the day for the student to receive a healthy supplement of exercise.

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When we read an example of discussion textwe will see the structure S minus, advantage Vs disadvantages, pros Vs cons etc.

They lack the ability to have social and cultural connections with other people or friends in their family and in their community which will later affect their developmental aspects and social understanding of family and values later in life.

However, working is not the only option if there are some better alternatives to help them.

contoh debat bahasa inggris tentang homework

I think your just talking about losers like yourself. One side is agreeing the issue, the other is disagreeing that issue. Kids need to be actively engaged in physical activities, but homework comes in the way and stops it.

Homework should be banned

Should not be banned Bxhasa is such a thing that helps us to check our abilities. Homework does not only take up time doing the homework at home but also takes up time in class.

Homework in appropriate amounts is a good thing and it helps build a good foundation. Ideally, a honework should be a workshop, a place to play games, a place where students try to apply knowledge. There is no benefit for primary and middle school homework.

contoh debat bahasa inggris tentang homework

Should online homework be banned? Or log in with No, homework should not be banned.


Whatever happens, let it go. It is not only about money. Homework has little educational worth and adds nothing to the time spent in school.

When a child gets homework, it has a set of problems for you to solve. Who will have the motivation to go to school when even if their inggtis home they do school works? We also lose out in other ways as taking responsibility means learning how edbat manage our time and how to do the things that are most important first rather than the things we most enjoy like playing.

We do spend hours at school learning and practicing, then we have homework where we have to practice more, but you can never learn to much.

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If you really have that much pain, only take the things for the classes you need that day. Homework puts students off learning. B if the student cannot do the homework, they would ask thier parents for help, therefore makeing the homework usless for the fact that the parent did vahasa homework. But if there is no homework then the student will not study Being young is not just about doing school work.