Based on my response to the previous question What was the impact of demonetization on Mumbai considering it is the commercial and financial capital of India? Group Discussion or GD, is used by an organization company, institute, business school etc to gauge whether a candidate has certain personality traits like communication skills, leadership, teamwork etc. You sit and then you are given a topic to write an essay upon. The interview then became a rapid fire quiz. You will all speak for 2 minutes after which the floor will be open for discussion.

Essay – You enter a room where there are a total of 8 participants. This is how a typical Interview day goes- 1. You mentioned that you like numbers. Good, best of luck with that. Spoke about my love for reading and how that resulted in me trying my hand at writing. Can you give us an example of a situation like that?

D in Science MD M. What are your views on this system? You are from computer background. You have written that everything can be modelled in mathematics. A few questions from my work experience as to how I essau stress and displayed team work and while explaining what work you do in your organization please do not use jargon They hate that.

It will improve your time management skills. They were friendly and cordial, although they did raise their eyebrows occasionally. Updated Mar 31, S Dhoni and Virat Kohli. There can also be current affairs or career planning based questions.


Devise a marketing plan for the essay to set base in the rural market. They were friendly and cordial, although they did raise their eyebrows occasionally. Why are you doing an MBA now in spite of earning a good salary?

iift essay gd pi

The essay or the interviewer might ask you to critically evaluate the outcomes of these happenings. The panelists did not intervene.

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What do you think about the politics in Maharashtra? They were somewhat along the following lines:. One on which you would have to write an essay of about one page. Presenting your points in a logical manner within the prescribed word count will fetch you high marks.

Candidates must prepare well for the essay writing round to get li marks. At the end of the discussion, they prompted one of the quieter participants to sum up yd important points.

Do you know where Unilever is headquartered? The essay writing round of IIFT tests the written communication skills, logical thinking ability, knowledge and time management skills of candidates. I was asked if I could name a fd international trade bodies, and what they did. What are the methodologies used?


iift essay gd pi

Your essay should have a coherent flow. Collegedunia is a one-stop solution to all your education related queries. My panel consisted of two men M1 and M2 and a iify L1.

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The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. People often are taken by surprise when asked to do so ,so please ,I repeat please keep noting down the good points made during the discussion as it might help you to summarize. The answer turned out to be Rotterdam. Essay – You enter a room where there are a total of 8 iigt.

iift essay gd pi

Btw how bad was gv for your business? This is how a typical Interview day goes- 1. The final admission of candidates is on the basis of their performance in all these rounds. D in Dental M. What is the reaction of students who just got out of interview.