The average number of slices that fell in acceptable range was and , corresponding respectively to Plantain Musa Paradisiaca L. This paper presents the design, construction and performance evaluation of a highly efficient device that simulates the traditional method of cutting plantain pulp transversely. This may be due to toughness and age of the crop. It was discovered that the machine cannot be operated beyond 50 rpm because it pushed samples instead of slicing, which implies that rotational speed less than 50 rpm is adequate for the operation of machine. Speed 39 rpm and 41 rpm favoured slicing of yam. The samples of root and tuber crops were classified into small, medium and large based on their measured physical properties Table 1.

Various types of machines are manufactured from small hand-operated batch-types to large automatic continuous operation models. Similarly in drying of okro or tomatoes, the vegetables and fruits are sliced into smaller pieces to facilitate heat transfer and removal of moisture from the pieces. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. But speed number 43 rpm will be more preferable for high efficiency. Design Analysis and Prototype.

Throughput capacity was defined as the ratio of the quantity of sliced materials collected from the machine outlet to the time taken. The shaft is made of mild steel and is being supported on two rolling elements bearings and at both ends of the shaft will be attached the driven pulley and the cutting disc.

literature review on plantain slicer

But speed number 43 rpm will be more preferable for high efficiency. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Technology, 2: It has attracted quite a number of small-scale business owners as a major business enterprise.


The hopper serves as a container for holding the crop to be sliced. That is to say the difference will influence the capacity of the machine.

A preliminary evaluation of the machine in terms of efficiency and cost indicates that it has a high potential in substituting the traditional manual cutting of plantain for processing. The machine is a simple device, used in making a transverse cutting of plantain pulp into uniform sizes. The slicing unit, a very important unit of the machine, performs the actual slicing. According to UNIFEMthe department of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Science in the Philippines has designed a simple slicer which is said to cut sweet potatoes much faster than manual methods.

(PDF) CIGR09 Agbetoye et al slicing machine | Leo Agbetoye –

Large samples Figure 3: Both small and large sizes of potato gave the same trend. A multi-crop slicing machine was designed, fabricated and evaluated for performance. The maximum bending moment, M b on the shaft is Effect of machine speed on slicing efficiency of the multi-crop slicing machine.

For yam, there is similarity among speeds considered but knife speed of 39 rpm give high performance of the machine. There are cassava chippers, tomato slicers, okro slicers and other root and vegetable choppers. Increase in speed led to increase in the slicing efficiency in line with the design concept of speed variation. Fibrous materials with high tensile strength fibers oriented in a common direction with comparatively low-strength materials bonding the fibers together.

This point is subjected to: This shows that the present design will definitely satisfy the need of the increasing local plantain chips producer.


literature review on plantain slicer

With technological advancement, there is progressive increase in awareness of the importance of using mechanical devices to slice agricultural produce. Tropical Product Institute Report. The imported ones are sophisticated and may not be easily operated and maintained by local users, therefore adaptability of the techniques locally is difficult. Such processes as cutting of fruits or vegetables for canning, shredding sweet potatoes for drying, slicing onion for salad, chopping corn rveiew, grinding grain for livestock feed and milling flour are size reduction operations.

Development of a plantain slicing device

Therefore, the development of appropriate, low-cost, easy to operate and maintain plantain planatin is long overdue. Review of Existing Slicing Machines Several slicing and chipping machines have been designed and tested in various developing countries especially the Caribbean and South East Asian countries as reported by Clarke Impact Cutting of Soyabean Plants.

Boiling or steaming, roasting, boiling and pounding, frying, drying etc. Revised Nov 20; Accepted Feb 6. Tropical Root and Tuber Crops Newsletter. Design for power requirement The required rotational force F liteeatureto drive the shaft was obtained using the relation below Hall et al.

The main frame is the unit of the machine on which all other components of the machine are supported. Appropriate Agricultural Mechanisation Technologies: