This is part one of two wonderful resources on Loci commissioned by the forward-thinking gents at the NGfL-Cymru. This gentle introduction to vectors helps your pupils understand what a vector is and how to represent them. The addition can also be analysed numerically by a consideration of the horizontal and vertical components. Ideal for teaching pupils how to identify equivalent fractions. A great resource for introducing pupils to the concepts of work and conservation of energy.

The ultimate reaction test Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Loci teaching tool This extremely powerful, open-ended tool enables you to create and display loci quickly. Guide the falling terms into the correct bucket by working out if they are greater than or less than half. Fraction Wall Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Function machine Tablet enabled – iPad Android more

Believe it or not, we’ve managed to turn learning about displacement-time graphs into a game and a great game it is too! Our hens are mathematical experts and they will fire their eggs towards the correct answer. Pythagoras’ Theorem 2 Tablet enabled – iPad Ssolving more In this game you must use your knowledge of moments to balance the seesaw and save the princess. This program makes the teaching of rotations a doddle.

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When you’ve found all the combinations a surprising result is revealed nggl allows you to predict the number of permutations for any sized egg box and any number of eggs.


This state-of-the-art resource for teaching reflections includes worksheets.

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By comparing the images pupils can decide whether the fractions are equivalent. Improve your ability to recognise the picture equivalent of a fraction with this resource.

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There are four equations of motion that can be used to solve problems whenever an object moves in prkblem straight line with a constant acceleration. Polygon Tool Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Test your ability to identify the properties of linear functions with this quiz. This program is also useful for looking at the equation of a straight line.

Improve your ability to recognise equivalent fractions. Estimating bearings Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Maps and scaled drawings Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Pythagoras’ Hgfl 1 Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Vector addition Tablet enabled – iPad Android more A lovely resource where pupils must colour spots on the other side of a fold line in order to make a symmetric pattern.

Simple Patterns – Ngfl Cymru – Maths Zone Cool Learning Games

Pupils are given a physical quantity and its definition which they must categorise as a scalar or vector. Enlargements teaching tool Tablet enabled – iPad Android more What terrible fate will befall her if you fail? Play this beautiful game as often as you can and you’ll soon know your times tables inside out.


maths problem solving ngfl

Introduction to enlargements Tablet enabled – rpoblem Android more Great for illustrating mental arithmetic techniques or how Eratosthenes’ sieve works. A nice brain gym exercise. The resource contains a set of tasks that can be undertaken at the interactive whiteboard.

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Ideal for teaching pupils addition and subtraction of fractions. Use the virtual protractor to measure internal and external angles the line extension function makes this easy. Vector chains Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Introduction to symmetry Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Identify equivalent fractions and decimals.

Eggstreme maths An in-depth investigation in which you must wolving the number ways in which eggs can be packed in different sized egg boxes.

Venn diagram notation Tablet enabled – iPad Android more