It was then, when I first worked with a focusing sheet to fix our Security Blankets add a cozy layer of encryption to keep your innermost thoughts and feelings private. This installation consists of a large sun projected onto the wall at the end of a darkened hallway on the first floor of the building. One of the project tasks led me to find a familiar manga in Brown library. Three examples of the objects transformed—a Sharpie, a thrown rock, and my body—are shown here in this website.

I pit my images against those crafted in the name of preening and display. Fat must be trimmed, pieces must be rearranged. One hundred forty-nine days abroad. With Reassemble, the embodied metaphor is absurd and joyfully represented: In her workshop, students exchanged inspirational aesthetics of various artists and imitated their unique stylistic choices.

Inspired by this realization, I created a means of bringing the sun into the building to highlight the fact that it is, in fact, vital to our lives. Lake Buckley This thesis examines the ways that a history of secular magic has shaped contemporary culture and design lexicons. But how does the time we spend inside these controlled, reductive frames affect the way we interact with and interpret our realities?

Inspired by the efficient grwphic primal communication of gesture, these short film pieces aim to metabolize and reinterpret experiences of daily life. This solution would make any update to the album visually aapparent, creating excitement around the idea of the record cover as a source of information and a summary of shifting contents.

I am currently updating my website Lines accumulate over time, giving us a portrait of all the bodies that had pressed up against the wall and partaken in this activity. My section is thus created to be recognized and not read. Riisd been commissioned by artist Clement Valla to design calibration targets for his artwork. To me, music is an inherently visual discipline.


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There is constant tension between the utility of ordered systems against the manipulative and ultimately subjective manner in which they are created. A 24 x 36″ printed poster; a 48 foot-wide billboard; a tiny or large! In order meet such demands, to grapgic these specific conditions, the designer must exaggerate them.

risd mfa graphic design thesis

I animate static media to convey sequential stories. Morning traffic jams were common.

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A series of selfie and selfie actions are collected through social media platforms under Hillary selfie ImWithHer HillaryForPresident hope, et cetera. Through constant interrogation of tactility, reconfiguration of the mundane and the craft of editing, I re-pose stories for the screen that court humor and delight as they tease out layered themes of human experience.

How can we leave traces of ourselves behind?

We place frames around things to isolate them and better understand them — to control them and define a context for our audience: In addition, a selection of work by second-year graduate students will be showing at Sol Koffler Graduate Student Gallery at Weybosset Street.

Through failures, I’ve arrived at an extensive mind For this work, I propose a different aspect of this subject by challenging the fundamental criteria of the system. I loved the vibrant wildness of the landscape: The book is treated as an elastic container that can mold and shape the content of whatever it holds.


risd mfa graphic design thesis

I decided to re-create the marks using a similar mathematical approach. Before beginning the project, Keetra and I established formal goals and styles of interest for me to work towards.

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The toaster itself demands that at least two people are present to use the appliance, making it an inherently anti-individualistic form. Film Haikus Inspired by the efficient and primal communication of gesture, these short film pieces aim to metabolize and reinterpret experiences of daily life.

For example, in response to the Deep Face algorithm that Facebook has developed, researches have raised the alarm about the severe consequences if we easily give up our privacy. TESTwas a week long installation consisting of mga posters and 6 booklets. The abstract however is considered an essential part of the thesis itself.

Designed under the mentorship of James Goggin. Three examples of the objects transformed—a Sharpie, a thrown rock, and my body—are shown here in this rhesis. However, we, as graphic designers, can also effectively exercise while working professionally in the studio. The likelier event, however, is working with a form that is fixed, or a system that is unrelenting.