August 12, at 5: If they did, iam sure they will not be sucessfull in thiz biz and BWW never recommends convencing others with lies and make them saty in biz. What this gentleman has posted is enough to know his mental subnormal capacities. They didn’t tell us not to google amway – but I did and found this site. Nothing is wrong in it. I can go on and on. Just return everything to get a full refund.

Here’s an article about a recent experience http: If you’re from Wisconsin and you get a full ride you’re just simply not going to give that up – especially a year from graduating. I don’t say people can’t make money in Amway. They started by talking about random stuffs and their lives and new car Hyundai which is not really an expensive car and all the travel they do thanks to their job They are both working for BWW so they said. Answer you’ll get is: Amway, just like any other MLM business requires work, work ethic and consistency. Sadly for me, I am an extremely open minded person meaning I am capable of seeing both points of view very clearly.

I love Amway products just because of its high quality and ecofriendly nature. No such thing as “be financially free in 5 years.

amway bww business plan

They make you feel that your current job is insecure and put false hope in your mind about making huge amounts of money in 12 – 18 months. Does the above describe a scam?

June 24, and nothing has changed. There will be pyramids like that. Maybe you’d like to give us a link showing how many scientists they have as well as proving that the president and NASA scientists got sucked into Amway. You do that by recruiting and “buying” from your upline and it never ends. BWW is an old thing so no big chance there.


Amway: The Untold Story: Expenses

I am fascinated by the psychology of these people. This Quikstar thing is a total waiste of money and energy, so save it! And yo can cut businese tapespeak. Please keep this blog on, as all this should be exposed.

amway bww business plan

Bww promises are fake! My boyfriend saw it for what it really was – a scam and that no one can get rich out of it.

You need to understand anyone has the potential to become financially free with no guarantee from the business itself but from you. They didn’t only explain this to me; they talked about it to each other while I was sort of wandering off. It has many rules restricting business owners from succeeding.

My last question to you and to everyone – if someone told you marriage was a pain in the arse, or as we know there are more divorces and separations in the world than are marriages would busness single for the rest of you live.

Thanks for your post and I hope my comment will help those who can easily get fouled by people like this probably fake couple. It’s a scam and not the way you want to be an ‘entrepreneur’.


Sales and Marketing Plan

Ask anyone who has worked in a company in sales or management what they thought when the went back to school to do business management and realize what the teacher teaches does not happen in the real world of business and you pay plenty money for these courses.

If they don’t refund your money, file a formal complaint with the BBB. Please don’t fall to such pranks. Also, let me know when you get your first downline ever. Thanks for the comments guys. Thats why they never make money, they complain, call it a cult and a scam. I have seen people who started after their sponsors or recruiters in Amway advance faster than the person who brought them in.

Flash forward to yesterday March 26th This business is about duplication. He won’t be here six months ago. The Chamber of Commerce is really good at sniffing those out. Any body who want to try this must check products which will be sold or consumed by him self and his group. I wonder who I’m going to believe.

I just googled it now and here I am on a long list of commentors!!! They have also called Avon and Shacklee cult’s too.