To reduce cost, let a mechanic rent out a portion of your lot for his business. Who is going to sell the cars? No pay — no play. Before you spend a penny on starting your BHPH department, you need to realize that you are not in the lending business; you are in the collections business. However, loan approvals based solely on down payment are simply charge-offs waiting to happen. Finally, considering the increased cost to acquire inventory, many dealers are charging off repossessed vehicles, assigning realistic cash values, and reconditioning and reselling the vehicle.

Additionally, you need to determine how much of a down payment you will require. They do not fit the traditional lending profile. He makes profit on the front end the car and the back end the financing! Read more about bhph buy-here, pay-here Deal Structuring initial capital inventory loan portfolios used vehicles. All you have to do is buy the parts! This manual WILL get you going down the right path! Delegate the entire business to free up your time to start a new business.

One reason BHPH lots are so profitable is because this is truly a vertically integrated business. Plab Essentials Services Close. Make sure this business is for you! Look at them straight in the eyes with a serious tone and voice and face. You can determine a financing matrix that you train all your people on, but the final decision needs to be made by upper management or ownership.


It takes years to build the business to that level. This way, the same person or small group of people is looking at all questionable deals and making all the decisions.

Buisness validate that you are human.

The dealer license is not big deal if you are going to get a car lot! Most note lots charge the maximum interest rate your state allows you to charge. Keep buying and selling until you have enough money to afford a decent location!

Taking the BHPH Plunge

Management information systems MIS. The one thing to remember is your personnel needs are affected by the amount of business you are looking to book. Anyone have insight on that? Flag Spam Report Content. Poan to capital is one thing; qualifying for the capital you may require is another. Read more about BDC.

bhph business plan

The job of a collector is to build relationships with customers and help them stay on track, even when they get behind. Inventory Management Inventory Marketing.

bhph business plan

It is vital for the staff to be very consistent with handling customer delinquency and collections. A great way to help train them is with payment assurance devices. It can be dangerous! But there are several questions you to answer before you make your first approval.

Be the first to like this. No pay — no play. But remember, collections is about building relationships.


Buy Here Pay Here Training Manual

It is important to watch cash collections versus beginning-of-the-month outstanding total due, beginning-of-the-month number of accounts outstanding, and businese payments dues. Another option is to hire a consultant to help you keep watch over your performance, or if you are a CarBiz client you can subscribe to an Additional Consulting Package ACP.

Setting targets for initial capital, underwriting and busienss are important categories to include in a business plan, but there are other categories that need to be addressed as well.

bhph business plan

Get your piece of the pie! In the BHPH business the credit-challenged customer is your lifeblood. The electronic composite consists of four pages.

I apologize for the long discussion, but the information provided will certainly not go to waste. Additionally, you need to determine how much of a down payment you will require. Networking Twenty groups, or performance groups, provide dealers with an opportunity to analyze their businesses and compare results with other non-competing BHPH dealers from across the businesss.

Read more about bhph buy-here, pay-here Deal Structuring initial capital inventory loan portfolios used vehicles. A slow start to the spring selling season could busineds a much-needed boost this weekend.