Scrooge and Marley were business partners until Marley died. Scrooge, on the other hand, is alone with no-one to love or have love him back. His love for his son is shown through his grief. He wanted to change the conditions that young worked in, he worked hard to try and change it. Dickens’ also shows the appreciation and happiness of the little poor people had and how infact they were richer in life t. Bachelor’s or higher degree. Scrooge is very scared by this.

Here Scrooge has learnt as lesson in business it not just the money the person makes for them to be a great business man, you also need to know how to look after your employees. The light could also symbolise the fact that the spirit is showing him the way to enlightenment, like a torch. He lived for his work and was extremely hardworking, maybe too hardworking. The spirit’s appearance in Stave two is also relevant to Scrooge, as it symbolises what he is, was, or will become. He obeys Scrooge’s rules and is timid about asking to go home to his family early on Christmas Eve.

To show Scrooge what a bad mistake he had made he goes in to the future and shows Belle later when she married, they were not rich, but they were not poor. How about receiving a customized one? Psychological Processes in Consumer Behavior. Also Fezzewing closes cratchut shop early so that labours won’t have to work long on Christmas evening and also that people will fssay time to get ready for a party which was organised by Fezzewing, ”Yo ho, my boys!


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But this family is still in the Christmas spirit and Bob remains loyal to Scrooge throughout. He uses this with the example Another relevant factor is that Dickens wrote the spirit as Bachelor’s or higher degree.

Esasy use cookies to give you the best experience possible. It makes the reader feel that scrooge is now a humorous person, which he never was before and therefore he has obviously changed. This is aimed at the selfish people so that they can see that if they like Scrooge, do not change then will be the ones to suffer.

Therefore he made a lot of obb but spent the smallest amount of it possible, whether it was on himself or someone else even if it was friends, family or charity.

At closing time, Scrooge turns to Bob Cratchit and taunts him for wanting the day off for Christmas day. Love and happiness permeated his body, and the once ignorant Scrooge developed into an irresistible congenial fellow that everyone now knew.

Bob Cratchit’s family Essay. All of these contribute to his lifestyle change. Also on the ghosts head there is crown on the ghosts head.

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Scrooge is very scared by this. Most of his clerks are presented as downtrodden characters, almost always wearing black.

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This makes the reader think that scrooge is a selfish, mean man. How does Dickens present Bob Cratchit and his home? He checks bib room, and from his description he keeps the house in pristine condition.

Bob Cratchit Essay

Scrooge just classifies Bob as an employee but Bob has a heart of gold. Cratchit is ecstatic to see her. Scrooge is too miserly to offer his clerk a decent wage, but Cratchit is generous enough to be grateful to his boss.


His ongoing greed for wealth looses him his fianci?? The change of tone and attitude of scrooges character changes dramatically between the first and last stave, this is shown by the way he acts towards others, and how they perceive his as a person.

bob cratchit essay

From these few words you can easily see that he is a cold hearted man Scrooge is. Victorian society would have also believed the spirits served as a religious reminder, of the omnipotent God and the severity of any penalty for transgression. Scrooge is cfatchit accountant and manages his own business. He wants people to see him as a different person. How to cite this page Choose cite format: You love them and they love you. In conclusion I believe the moral behind Christmas carol is that in a social divided community it is important to treat everyone the same.

Scrooge would not let Bob Cratchit have more than one lump of coal, even though he was freezing.

bob cratchit essay

Crafchit Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The message of wealth not bringing happiness is further developed by presenting the downfall of Scrooge by his love for money.