Shows exceptional clarity, focus and cogency in communication. Adidas Internal Integration Adidas Group has more than 58, employees in 46 countries Statista, Provides clear evidence of originality and clearly demonstrates the ability to develop an independent, highly systematic and logical or insightful argument or evaluation. Legislation and Management LM This programme is designed to allow those whose career choice lies in the field of environmental processes their management and regulatory framework to acquire a broadbased knowledge of the concepts involved. Independence The student shows a good degree of enthusiasm, self-reliance and initiative towards the project without becoming over-reliant on his supervisor or another person. Grade F Work that is unacceptable.

Provides evidence of effective communication. If you do not produce the certificate of posting, then the date of receipt by the course administrator will be treated as the submission date. It should not occupy a large part of the dissertation, unless undertaking a library-based or policy-based project. In either case, this will tend to be somewhat limited in scope, clarity and depth. Put the reference to Jones in the bibliography in the appropriate place: Any Masters student who fails to submit by the submission deadline will be awarded a grade F for the dissertation.


Quality of presentation ie. Students also are expected to plan their work and undertake assignments in a structured way, so as to submit good quality work on time. Any work submitted will be matched against numerous online sources, web pages and other student papers and the Originality Report will indicate the percentage of the submitted text that matches with the sources.

Do be aware that coursework forms a significant proportion of assessments, and grades from coursework will have an effect on the overall grade for module blocks. There is no excuse for a poor reference list. They are designed to show no disciplinary bias and are not intended to act as surrogate level, award or award classification descriptors. Please remember that it is your responsibility to inform the University about a disability or chronic medical condition in a timely manner such that reasonable adjustments can be agreed and implemented for you — mitigating circumstances can only come into play when things go wrong unexpectedly.


Depending on the referencing system used, in-text citations vary in format. In general it is bad bruel to use secondary sources, apart from being a lazy and suspect way of deriving evidence.

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Discussion is where you evaluate your results in relation to the aims of the project. The effects of pollution, the study of the processes and techniques related to the reduction of emissions to air, land and water, together with the legislative framework in which they are explored.

Where the two independently assessed grades differ, a final agreed grade, with written justification for the agreed grade, shall be provided to the brujel coordinator by the two assessors jointly; In all cases where: The University normally expects you to submit original documents in support of your request for Coursewwork Circumstances. However permission must be obtained from the author for anything included under this heading. Assessment is ocver of written examinations, written coursework, oral presentations and a dissertation.

Can the contents of the dissertation be understood from reading just the abstract? Examples of previous dissertations can be made available upon request. At university, you need to show your understanding of the existing body of knowledge in your subject. Harvard Business Review Press.

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Schools or Hrunel will normally offer coursewokr a meeting at which your request can be discussed further, and will normally aim to determine the outcome of your request within 10 working days of receipt of your request. Please make sure that each Appendix has a short introductory section at the beginning of each Appendix, to explain to the reader the contents of the appendix, and where in the main body of the dissertation the relevant information is used.

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A working day is here defined as Monday to Friday at any time of year, with the exception of UK national holidays if submission cannot be made in person to the submission point or through Blackboard Learn, submission must be made by covee. It is vital that you know how to reference this material correctly. Presentation of the Dissertation Dissertations should have double or 1. To promote and enhance effective, innovative and efficient learning and teaching in relation to the programme sincluding the dissemination of best practice in relation to all aspects of the student experience.


Business horizons, 52 4pp. Smith then noted how the bee reversed out and flew to a nearby flower so that the pollen was transferred to the ovaries to effect fertilisation. The penalty takes the form of a cap, which is applied after assessment of the work. Burnel approach for Adidas Group to learn the knowledge creation and transfer management started with company systematic platform to facilitate and support knowledge exchange.

brunel coursework cover sheet

In time Overdrawn 4. The work of panels and boards is sgeet and ensure fairness to all students. Coursework Submission Policy Assignment Submission Checklist Text matching services policy Summative assessment in groupwork Assessment protocol for undergraduate final year projects and taught masters dissertations Feedback — 5 core principles in providing and receiving assessment feedback.

Please note, however, that the final grade of a dissertation is based on a range of factors, and so the text below is only a guide, not a detailed indication of what you will score. Smith,there is a passage that describes the pollination of roses by bees. January intake students start the programme in Term 2 of the academic session, and will progress towards completing the remainder of the programmes always alongside an existing or incoming cohort as detailed in Tables 2 and 3.