I’d follow you again if I could: But I can understand that maybe this was a deliberate choice to thrill some with the taboo of it all. But it became too much of a good thing for me. Ask demondetoxmanual a question Nyxocity reply birthday Can’t wait to read the rest of the series. With high hopes that you are putting pen to much more paper, Your Fan, Don

Feb 02, Day-thief rated it really liked it Shelves: You already had my love, but now you also have access to my patron-only prompt fills and stories! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It’s kind of like Cool Whip pretending to be more. So hot and smutty and wonderful. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Updated – read all the short stories that come after this. I love our Spn family, guys, we take care of each other. Besides such, other elements in the storyline require a large measure of suspended disbelief.

You – uh, fuck – you read about that, right? Fucking amazing piece of work. First word to come to mind?: His hand doesn’t cover Jared’s, it’s small by comparison, but he doesn’t seem to notice, moves like he’s totally in control.


There’s one ghen developed secondary character Chadand the rest is a black hole no real sense of people, places, or time, except for a vague mg of early 21st century. Anyway, here are my top ten most-listened-to tracks in according to them:. The whole story felt like I was reading a movie, scenes jumped out, and I could walk through them as I experienced them.

I never would have found Waz Watches Over Me?

but then my homework was never quite like this nyxocity

Jensen is “tutoring” Jared. Nyxocity baronsamediswife fic recs. Burn the Lands and Boil the Sea. Nyxocity J2 some are just so damn perfect. Jack blinks at him curiously. Towards the middle, the sex scenes seemed to drag.

Ask deanschevyimpala a question nyxocity.

But then, My Homework Was Never Quite Like This

Okay, so tell me your thoughts on 12 being revealed. Ackles seems to think he needs some It took me a while to homdwork into this one mostly because I wasn’t connecting with Jensen at all. The most stupid thing this week…. There were niggles but who the hell cares This includes but is not limited to: For example, believing that classrooms have no windows and that a student staying behind every day after class could go unnoticed etc. Other books in the series. So hot and smutty and wonderful.


He fell head over heels for Jensen, but their lives were going separate directions at the end of the summer, and they never quite got together.

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I enjoyed the ending very much. Eastern Standard Time 8.

but then my homework was never quite like this nyxocity

Jensen in glasses and Student! View all 37 comments. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. OR, I will write you a word story based on your request.

Open Preview See a Problem? But the ageism BS… like what show have you been watching? That is, until Jared’s called on to answer a question, has no clue what they’ve been discussing and theb called up to the board to construct a formula

but then my homework was never quite like this nyxocity