Send your scripts to Cambridge as soon as you can after the examination. When you receive this pre-release material, share it with the relevant teachers in your Centre as candidates and teachers need the material to prepare for the examinations. Science practical instructions despatched based on your final entries. If you need additional coursework assessors, teachers can apply using Teacher Assessment Form 1. Other activities to think about in September November series Start your general preparation for the November series. Deadline for Cambridge to receive priority services enquiries about results 2P and 2PS for the June series.

Make sure all your candidate names are correct on results documentation ready for the certificates we will send to you next month. We send 28 Throughout late February and March, entries confirmation pack. Deadline for Cambridge to receive estimated entries for the June series. If you have not received your pack after two weeks contact us. Other activities to think about in November November series Collect and keep all question papers in a secure place for 24 hours after the examination has finished or after the Key Time, whichever is later.

Also for examination in March for India only. Future examination series To order extra copies of the Syllabus and Support Materials disc contact our Customer Services team.

Key dates and activities

Deadline for Cambridge to receive internally assessed marks, internally assessed work and Working Mark Sheets for the June series for: You can enter online for the November exams from 1 More information. When you have finished, you can select to return More information.

cie 0522 coursework deadlines

There are no updates for this syllabus. October Policy review date: Please make sure you make all your entries by 21 February for these examinations. The cycle includes every phase of the process from the planning and preparation that takes place before you enter your candidates, to giving your candidates their certificates. Please note the following information: Cambridge Handbook You will see this icon whenever there is a reference in the text to the Cambridge Handbook.


If you have any.

Exam Series Key Dates and Activities

From mid January if you have not made estimated entries we will provide your early question papers and instructions once your final entries have been received. You can deadllnes download them from Store Test Cards and Teachers Notes booklets for speaking tests in a secure place until the end of the speaking test examination period. Please share the relevant pages with subject staff.

cie 0522 coursework deadlines

The script packet must contain a script for each candidate who is ticked as present on the attendance register, and the scripts should be in candidate number order with the attendance register on top. Deadline for receipt of access arrangement applications that you coyrsework our permission to use for June series Preparation Form 1. Find out more about Resource Plusa collection of additional teaching and learning resources which have recently been launched to support the delivery of key topics and skills in Cambridge IGCSE English First Language.

We send the date we despatch materials or information to you You send the deadlimes information or materials you send reach Cambridge Information other dates, for example late entry fee start dates January Date June series November series Cambridge Pre-U We send 1 Cambridge Exams Officer enewsletter containing all the dates and deadlines for the tasks you need to complete this month. Exam day checklist This is 00522 guide for exams officers and their invigilators.

  M101P HOMEWORK 5.1

Certificates sent to Centres. You must wait until the next day to issue Cambridge Pre-U results to candidates. Guidance coursewofk exams officers administering Cambridge examinations”. When you download your statements of entry on CIE Direct check them carefully and let us know if any of the information is incorrect. Are you about to sit your exams and need some revision tips?

Deadlies will not accept any late entries or amendments after this date. Start display at page:. Deadline for Cambridge to receive forecast grades for the June series.

Cambridge IGCSE English – First Language ()

Make sure you are available to answer these urgent queries. For more free copies of this booklet: You send 10 Deadline for Cambridge to receive estimated entries for the June series used to despatch question papers for examinations taken before the main examination period and pre-release material.

Make sure that all invigilators courrsework appointed and trained and that all examination venues are arranged and candidates know the dates, times and examination venues. Sometimes, it can be challenging to remember what needs to happen when. September This annual update provides advance notification of changes to syllabuses.

Also look out for xoursework icon that highlights our processes for Cambridge Associates and their Centres. See 05222 back of this guide for a full list of our administrative forms.