Read it out loud. For example, string manipulation in C taught me a lot about pointers, char arrays, pointers to pointers, and pointer arithmetic, because I was looking around so much. Show sub-menu Why co-op? The Risk Management Form is also available within the system. WaterlooWorks is a mess in terms of UX. Use the job shortlist to your advantage.

Edit and refine your resume. You never know whether the interviewer might have finished early or something. Skip to main Skip to footer. Save it as a PDF. These interviews may last into the final exam period.

Bring a notebook and jot things down. Email them to see if you can switch times, then un-book and re-book to reschedule. Get people to look at it.

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What can I offer them? About five weeks into the work term, WaterlooWorks will want you to do an eCheckIn. Glassdoor is good for full-time employee reviews, some salaries, and common interview questions.

21 Signs You’re A Co-op Student at Waterloo

You can see the entire PDF here. For me, my goals were as follows:.

Save it as a PDF. If not, then do not worry, for continuous is a perfectly acceptable place. Is there a deadline for me to submit the information when I find my own job? Strategies Offers and rankings are a game.


I had my name and contact information at the top, then the mailing address of the company, and finally the main content of my letter. Why is it important to you? If a job sounds interesting, add it to your shortlist. Personally, I did 30 dev jobs that I wanted to do, and 20 QA jobs that were less appealing but acceptable. A disclaimer was added the Work History report: Sure, you founded a club. Finally, familiarize yourself with the expected salaries before going in so you know what to expect for compensation.

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Get a friend to ask you common interview questions, and try to answer them. Makes it much nicer to use. You definitely need to know your basic data structures and algorithms, as well as the basics of OOP for a first term dev co-op.

cover letter uwaterloo reddit

The Risk Management Form is also available within the system. Common questions I ask are: Get there on time, where on time means ten minutes in advance. What do I do when I get a job that was posted in WaterlooWorks? Remember that most employers take seconds to look through the whole thing, so you want your best qualities to be seen at first glance.


There are two parts of it: Employers sometimes use programs to screen applicants based on keywords. Depending on how much you know about the job at hand, this might be difficult to do, but try and narrow it down as much as you can. They are uwaterlo, as some people claim, sent out in bulk at the beginning of the round. Sometimes your interviewer might ask for additional information or fun things like your favourite gif.

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A fix has been implemented to correct the issue of a student’s application count decreasing incorrectly when a job deadline is extended. On this page, we will update you with enhancements that have been added to the system and student-facing bugs that have ocver resolved.

A fix has been implemented to correct the issue of saved searches not working if the criteria included level or region.