In recognition of the huge range of conditions facing social psychologists across different countries in Asia, Professor Yang established an endowment to enable young scholars in economically developing countries to attend the AASP conference. Students will then choose a particular non-dominant group to focus on in their research project. Harmony seeking and rejection avoidance. On the relationship between national and ethnic identity. Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and accommodation for the 4 days as well as a concluding dinner. Itesh Sachdev was born in Kenya and raised as a multilingual vegetarian.

Topics to be covered depending on the interests and level of experience of workshops participants include identifying a specific research focus, recruiting and developing resources such as interview guides and mapping exercises for engaging participants in dialogue, engaging with research participants, analysing qualitative materials, targeting appropriate research outlets journals , and writing qualitative research papers. Cross-sectional and longitudinal differences in social dominance orientation and right wing authoritarianism as a function of political power and societal change. Harmony seeking and rejection avoidance. Living in hyperdiverse, globalised contexts has led to an increase in multilingual living including translanguaging under a variety of different national and local policies and contexts. The length of this paper should be between 4,, words.

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The committee discusses the shortlisted papers and each vitar ranks the final candidates. Hence, the KS Yang Travel Award is administered by AASP to provide financial assistance for deserving young scholars from developing countries to attend the biennual conference. In addition to the normal procedure of submitting an abstract for the conference, KS Yang award applicants currivulum also supply.

He is also an associate editor for Palgrave Communication. Applicants should also submit their Curriculum Vitae, and a letter of recommendation.


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Each committee member evaluates each paper in the list on a five point scale five being the highest currlculum. One paper is selected for the Misumi Award each year from the papers published in the previous year’s volume of the Asian Journal of Social Psychology.

His basic research is focused on research and evaluation of social interventions, which he has undertaken in applied research on health issues such as substance use prevention in adolescents, and HIV prevention.

These designs will include time series and interrupted time series methods, nonrandomized designs with and without control groups, case control or ex post facto designs, regression-discontinuity analysis, etc.

An unsupported common vite This workshop is designed to impart an understanding of quasi-experimental designs. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 17 x. Prof Darrin Hodgetts Massey and Dr. It is a chance to engage in collaborative research, build a research career and learn how to publish.

Summer School, AASP Auckland conference

Au and Sunyoung Nicole Kwak Misumi Award Grant The Award is granted each year. Comparing Japan and the U. Procedure Interested applicants need to submit page research summary of their dissertation or research paper in which they are the principal investigator and which they will present at the Curgiculum conference.

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Participants will be divided into 4 research clusters and will be mentored by an expert in social psychology. A dilemma of politics and culture rooted in history. Asian Journal of Social Psychology9 3 A comparison between the USA and Japan.

Applicants should have completed or be near completion of their doctoral dissertation and should be below the age of In such restricted contexts, which are more common than those supporting RCTs, quasi-experimental designs sometimes are employed. A cross-cultural difference in self-perception. Sik Hung Ng, Cynthia S. The length of this paper should be between 4, words. She has a strong interest in the translation of research for communication skills training and improvements vvitae healthcare delivery, as well as students undertaking work placements.


curriculum vitae aasp

His current research focusses on issues of urban multilingualism and multiculturalism. Asian Journal of Social Psychology12 4 To that end, many good educational programs pro vide opportunities for training and experience in conducting and evaluating true experiments or randomized controlled trials [RCTs], as they sometimes are called.

Members do not evaluate papers where they may have a conflict of interest. A test of the Dual Filial Piety model.

We will examine some key methodological approaches social psychologists have used to research health communication. Wendy Li James Cook Fear of Ageing in Asia Fear of ageing often encompasses worries about changes in physical appearance, health and physical functioning, and psychological, social and economic losses. In recognition of the huge range of conditions facing social psychologists across curriuclum countries in Currkculum, Professor Yang established an endowment to enable young scholars in economically developing countries to attend the AASP conference.

curriculum vitae aasp