Best things to do”. Hot on Backpacker Guide. We recommend creating a New Zealand CV before you arrive in New Zealand so you can get this boring but essential task out of the way early. This is therefore why most people travelling to New Zealand on a Working Holiday choose the skills-focused CV; they are normally young people at the start of their careers who might have had varied or limited work experiences. If you have hospitality experience, good on you; there are loads of bars and restaurants in the bigger towns and cities. Once you have a killer CV, follow these tips and tricks to land yourself a job in New Zealand.

Name and contact details: You Might Also Like. Study in New Zealand. Get copies made and certified. Here is what you should include:.

As it is likely that you have references from overseas, remember to add the phone number with the correct country code. Study in New Zealand. Was this article useful?

How to write a New Zealand CV for your Working Holiday

Having one that stands out is essential when applying for jobs in New Zealand. Set your CV out into the following sections:. You Might Also Like. NZ Ready is a free online tool to help you plan your move to New Zealand, ensuring you nuoav how things work here and have a hassle-free move.

Having a solid CV is something that can really affect your prospects when you begin zeladna job-search in NZ.


How to Create a New Zealand CV

If you are qualified in a certain skill or trade, it probably makes sense to try to find a position in that field, curriculjm example if you are a hairdresser, chef, carpenter or builder. A cover letter briefly introduces you, explains your main skills and experience, and makes an argument for why you are the right person for the specific job.

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Plus, if you are going to apply for a variety of job roles, which we fully recommend, then you will have to create multiple versions of your CV to stress relevant skills and experience.

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How to write a New Zealand CV for your Working Holiday

Name and contact details: An equally important accompaniment to your CV is your cover letter. How long should a New Zealand CV be? A Guide to Golden Bay: You need to use a formal and persuasive style when writing a cover letter. These can be past employers or tutors who can recommend you to future employers and put in a good word for you.

In the end, I wrote two CVs — one more catered towards office and administration roles, the other towards customer service roles. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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curriculum vitae nuova zelanda

There is material to help you understand the parts of a CV, learn how to put transferable skills on your CV, learn how to write a cover letter and fill out a job application form. What is wrong with this page?

How to Create a New Zealand CV – Backpacker Guide New Zealand

Start each job section with your job title e. The main difference between the two is which information is presented first: Keep your most relevant experience and skills to the top of your CV.

If you are sending them in with an application, do not send originals.

curriculum vitae nuova zelanda

Live in New Zealand. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookiesrevised Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Kiwi employers may not be zelqnda with the companies you have worked for, so it is a good idea to include a short description of the company in your CV – things like the number of employees, location, and website.

Personal statement or profile: See how a little forward planning and preparation will save a lot of stress. Secondly, templates have been used so much that it would be instantly recognisable as a template.