Tim is determined to win the Arkwright Student of the Year award and take his mother on the first prize trip to Disneyland Paris. As Black Beauty moves from home to home and job to job, he often suffers bad treatment and living conditions. She enjoys match-making her friends in the village of Highbury, but slowly seems to lose her touch as complications begin with Frank, Harriet, Jane and Mr Knightley. He sells Tom to a slave trader. Can Penny find a new home for Socks?

Click on the items below to learn how Helbling E-zone works for teachers. And what is the Great Game? While they are sightseeing they notice an ivory shop and Dan goes in to ask some questions. Fifteen-year-old Jay Stone is good looking, athletic and he has got lots of friends. Try to get back. When legendary detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusted friend, Dr Watson, are asked to investigate a mysterious organisation, the Red-headed League, they find that there is more to the organisation than meets the eye. Why does the body disappear?

Everyone thinks that the hound of the Baskervilles, the terrible dog that has cursed the Baskerville family for centuries, is to blame. But there is one person who believes that James McCarthy is innocent.

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He must sell his farm or Tom to pay his debts. He is a respected lawyer, he socialises with all of the most elegant families and he is engaged to May Welland: Zadie is preparing for a big race — a race she really wants to win.

What is this darkness? Caterina starts thinking and soon she starts a campaign against a local boutique that sells cheap fashionable clothes. Written by renowned EFL authors Combining easy-to-understand language with lösugen plots to appeal to younger readers. But not everyone in the jungle wants Mowgli and soon he has to learn to defend himself against the cruel tiger Shere Khan and his followers.


When the terrible pirate Bill Bones dies, young Jim Hawkins is left with the key to a fortune: Dan and Sue are in London with their parents when they hkmework two men acting in a very strange way outside their hotel. Follow Sherlock Holmes in two different and exciting investigations, ‘The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle’ and ‘The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet’, both about the theft of precious jewels.

Can Tricia protect her family and Daniel? Holly is sad and lonely. Try to get back.

One day four children find a fairy while they are playing in the sand near their house. Can Jonathan and his friends destroy Dracula?

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Poor orphan Jane Eyre lives an unhappy childhood. Together Kim and the lama go an adventure around India, meeting strange and wonderful people along the way. Join Doctor Dolittle on his adventures and find out. When Josh, Trish and Suzi get into trouble, Morrow needs to decide if he will help them or let the past stay in the past.

They look very similar and become friends. London, Cyver and Istanbul.

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When her sister, the clever and witty Elizabeth, meets his handsome friend, Mr Darcy, she hates him. White Fang is cyher part-dog, part-wolf, in the cold and snowy Northland of Alaska.


Michael moves from hospitals to research clinics to life in isolation on a remote island. Little do Elizabeth and Mr Darcy know that this is the beginning of a wonderful love story.

A homeworj of original fiction specially devised for young teenage students of English. In ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ Prince Prospero tries to escape with his friends from a terrible disease that is killing everyone in their land. And why does he or she want to hurt Sue?

cyber homework into english 3 lösungen

Victor, however, is disgusted by the monster he has created and rejects it immediately. Join Dan and Sue in London and find out. Only Control can decide. When respectable Dr Jekyll starts associating with the mysterious Mr Ijto, his friends become increasingly worried.

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Can Miss Jessel protect Flora and Miles? He starts Oxford Bike Finders and soon lots of people are contacting Dan on the Internet cjber information.

But the rich and handsome Gatsby always seems to be alone in the crowd and there always seems to be something missing from his life.