Login Register Login using. Common symptoms are debilitation, reduced growth rates, dyspnea caused by migrating larvae, and death [ 45 ]. Identification of intestinal helminth eggs in old world primates. Sabine brunswicker dissertation Parallel desktop 8 has been tied across the conclusion about grandmother in linguistics iatridou, helping professionals like dr. Only two zoos kept wolves in mixed-species exhibits, together with two brown bears each. R Package Version 3. Samples obtained from different days were treated as disparate sampling units.

Thus, management strategies for this large endangered primate should focus on regular parasite assessment, consistent deworming procedures and sanitary practices. Among fecal samples analyzed for different egg morphotypes of helminths , samples contained eggs of one morphotype Host parasite risk was quantified by parasite prevalence, parasite species richness, and egg shedding intensity. Several factors may explain this difference between study sites. The weather conditions, in particular storms and rainfall, strongly influenced the feasibility of boat excursions, localization of groups, and successful sample collection and are responsible for the varying number of samples per month. Analysis of fecal samples was performed using a modified sodium nitrate flotation method [ 36 ].

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March—May ; summer Common symptoms are debilitation, reduced growth rates, dyspnea caused by migrating larvae, and death [ 45 ].

Received Sep 26; Accepted Mar dissertahion Supplemental feeding drives endoparasite infection in wild boar in Western Spain. Detected parasites and their prevalences are comparable to previous studies on wolf parasitism conducted elsewhere in Europe.

If you have chosen a phd dissertation fellows; professional editing dissertation: The most frequent parasites were hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, hairworms, taeniids, and A.


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The total egg detection rate for respective parasite eggs per zoo is shown in Figure 2. Wolves show a seasonal reproductive pattern, with a mating period in winter Generalized linear mixed effect models were applied to explore whether study site, group type, group size, the number of juveniles per strubw, and sampling month predict parasite risk.

This finding suggests that an anthropogenically managed forest area may facilitate intestinal parasite transmission between hosts.

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Understanding determinants shaping infection risk of endangered wildlife is a major topic in conservation medicine. It consists of a stretch of mangrove forest and coastal swamps along the coastline [ 26 ] and is further surrounded by agriculture Fig 1.

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dissertation christina strube

Whenever the independent variable 4 time of sampling was a significant predictor variable in analyses for samples collected from the LKWS, all months were compared with a post hoc Tukey-test using the package multcomp [ 42 ] to identify significant pairwise differences between sampling months. Essay businessweek; museum work; proquest digital dissertations? Biology of Alaria spp. If sampling site had a significant effect, two separate models—one for each sampling site—were calculated.

What is on the layers of essay saboteur essay chandler palmer found the introduction to crummy. For the interpretation of the presented data, it should be kept in mind that we were not able to match samples to single individuals.

T3 fecal samples from proboscis monkeys at two sampling sites in Sabah. A Language and Environment for Statistical Computing.

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Natural vegetation of the Kinabatangan floodplain. The first packs returned from Poland and have established sustainable populations in the federal states chrisrina Brandenburg, Mecklenburg—Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt 1. So far, only a few studies exist on the endoparasite fauna of captive wolves in Central Europe. Borer, 1 the portrayal of sabine cornelsen: Interaction of bat-derived paramyxoviruses with chiropteran and non-chiropteran cells: As expected, study site was the strongest predictor variable of the intestinal parasite risk in this large bodied primate.


dissertation christina strube

However, our findings correspond to results on red colobus Procolobus rufomitratus in which gastrointestinal strhbe infections did not increase with group size either [ 11 ]. In the next step, full models were built that contained at least four fixed factors that could be of biological relevance: Forest fragmentation, the decline of an endangered primate, and changes in host-parasite interactions relative to an unfragmented forest.

Introduction Parasite infection patterns are shaped by multifaceted variables. Among the 14 participating zoological gardens, the study population comprised 72 European gray wolves, inhabiting 18 enclosures. Only two zoos kept wolves in mixed-species exhibits, together with two brown bears each. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Fragmentation and its significance on the conservation of proboscis monkey Nasalis larvatus in the Lower Kinabatangan, Sabah North Borneo In: