Further work will be When experimental results e. In this study, CD solutions were synthesized from citric acid and cysteine via a one-pot hydrothermal synthesis. In case of the comminution of nificant minimum energy has to be provided in order to particles, their quantitative application is difficult as par- cause any significant particle breakage. Information about reproducing material from RSC articles with different licences is available on our Permission Requests page. For reproduction of material from PCCP:

The successful transfer of the batch synthesis procedure to continuous flow reactors shows the importance of heat transfer in the heat-up synthesis and allows for conclusions on particle formation. For larger values, more and finer fragments form and the mean frag- ment size changes clearly towards finer sizes. The evaluation is carried out to the same breakage probability and should therefore be with results of single-particle impact tests of polymers, achieved for geometrically similar and physically identical limestone and glass spheres. You do not have JavaScript enabled. Narrow of glass spheres used by the different authors.

It can be assumed from Refs.

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By investigating the structural and optical properties of the chromatographically separated fractions, three different fluorescent species could be identified. S strength [8] J.

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The following slightly modified approach Eq. The same holds for the influence of the impact number on the parameter fMat. The data were taken from both the feed and the grinding chamber are evacuated in literature [14,15]. At the circum- ference of the contact circle, the highest tensile stresses The difference in the material is thus characterised by the occur.


In the past years it turned out that the transfer of process routes to alternative materials is not straight-forward even in case of similar material classes as chalcogenide QDs. Only by elucidation of these rules for a variety of QD systems, the production and market launch of high quality non-toxic QDs will succeed.



Similarity considerations For the breakage of geometrically similar and physically identical particles, Rumpf [6] derives from a dimensional analysis that a similar breakage pattern is to be expected if the elastically stored strain energy per unit volume of the particle WV multiplied with the initial particle size x is constant.

Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait Fetching data from CrossRef. As these fractions have size fraction between 2. This information can be further applied to isolate pure CDs with optimized optical properties.

Single-particle impact device [13]. If you are the author of this article you still need to obtain permission to reproduce the whole article in a third party publication with the exception of reproduction of the whole article in a thesis dissertatioj dissertation.

Within the stressed par- tional conditions, and the materials reaction to the applied ticles, higher stresses can peukfrt achieved with increasing stress stress have to be known.

Simplifying both approaches leads to energy Wm,min has to be size dependent, i. More materials have to be taken into account and a correlation of the comminution parameters to basic parameters from fracture mechanical considerations has to be investigated.

Breakage function similarity of size distribution of fragments As shown above, the similarity in the breakage behaviour should not only be seen in the breakage probability but also in the breakage function.


Together with the initial particle size and the impact energy, they allow for a quantitative description of the breakage probability of different materials in the form of a mastercurve and can also be applied for the qualitative description of the breakage function.

The prod- uct fMat. Further- the pure material properties and irregular particle shape. For the same given by the ejecting velocity from the rotor as a function of energy input, smaller particles exhibit a smaller breakage the rotational speed n: The article was received on 31 1accepted on 09 4 and first published on 09 4 Fracture mechanical model distribution of flaws and micro-cracks is assumed, then the circumference or the diameter of the contact circle can be Weichert [7] introduced the Weibull statistics [9] to the regarded as the equivalent to the number of chain links field of comminution in order to describe the probability of needed for the application of the Weibull statistics.

Rearranging the dimensionless variables in Eq.

dissertation wolfgang peukert

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They can be elastic spheres.