One-on-One assistance from the Distance Learning Librarian. There are four requirements for this pass-fail course. Apply the evidence from research, theory, and other sources pertinent to a DNP Project intervention. The FIU library provides a number of services to distance learning students. For practice doctorates, requiring a dissertation or other original research is contrary to the intent of the DNP.

Please enter your name and Skype username in the available date s and time s. The theme that links these forms of scholarly experiences is the use of evidence to improve either practice or patient outcomes. An ethical and legal framework to guide practice and leadership. Please submit in Assignment Dropbox labeled Action Plan. The DNP Capstone Project will be evaluated through timely submission of deliverables per the action plan, course schedule, faculty observation, Project Chair and committee reports, identification and progression toward independent learning objectives, Capstone Project team conference and DNP Capstone Project Progression Evaluation. It is recommended that students check their messages routinely to ensure up-to-date communication. Students who plagiarize or cheat can be charged with academic misconduct.

Because of unforeseen situations that may occur i. Skype is available for desktop computers, notebook and tablet computers and other mobile devices, including mobile phones.

Therefore, other methods must be used to dpn the achievement of that mastery. Brown and the Committee Chair through the Assignment Dropbox. If written assignments are made in a course they are required.

Use this Google Doc https: All four components are designed to help facilitate implementation of the DNP capstone project. Please bring your laptop to all on-campus meetings: Compare and contrast the findings of the review of literature, syllabhs, evidence data bases, practice standards and other applicable sources applicable to implemented Cxpstone Project intervention.


Current and emerging scientific basis of knowledge. Keep in mind that forum discussions are public, and care should be taken when determining what to post. Cultural diversity and global perspectives in delivery of health care.

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Interpret outcomes of the DNP Project. Dr Brown will provide feedback with each submission. Additionally, it will provide you with fnp next step i.

Additional information can be provided in the Student Success Center, Room 1. A list of recommended resources and seminar readings is included in the course packet. Please enter your name and Skype username in the available date s and time s.

dnp capstone project syllabus

Times New Roman, Font size: This is because mobile devices are available with rapidly changing and different configurations. Organizational, financial, and system policies and practices.

Apply the evidence from research, theory, and other sources pertinent to a DNP Project intervention. Synthesize and refine implementation processes based upon feedback.

NURS DNP Project: Seminar Online Syllabus – UTHSCSA School of Nursing

Open to students’ needs after first class assessment. A requirement of this course is submission and approval of your IRB protocol for your capstone project. There are no new required text books. Throughout these courses, DNP students will establish the expanded advanced practice nursing role focusing on one of three dpn areas: Therefore, all students are expected to adhere to a standard of academic conduct, which demonstrates projrct for themselves, their fellow students, and the educational mission of Florida International University.


Emails are sent to the students’ FIU email on record. All written assignments must be turned in on or before the deadline.

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Students should make their requests known at the beginning of the semester and arrangements must be made with the faculty member for missed work. To complete the objectives of this course successfully, the DNP resident is expected to submit a formal Capstone Project proposal SQUIRE Guidelines commensurate with advanced doctoral nursing practice specific to their focus concentration area: All students are deemed by the University to understand that if they are found responsible for academic misconduct, they will be subject to the Academic Misconduct procedures and sanctions, as outlined in the Student Handbook.

This is the second of a 3-course series that provides the DNP resident with mentored opportunities to identify, develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate an independent, analytic scholarly project. Brown will get an email. College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

dnp capstone project syllabus