Here, starts the vicious circle which has embroiled the Indian politics. However, various sources suggests in media that 70 lakh is just a tip of iceberg that a candidate spends for the election process. The term crime means an action which constitutes a serious offence against an individual or the state and is punishable by law. The ghost of Machiavelli has returned. The two NGOs have collected information. Misuse of political power. The voters, political parties and the law and order machinery of the state are all equally responsible for this.

The apex court also took notice of the fact that crimes in politic have risen from to between and Join us at Facebook. The second component of criminalisation of politics is ‘muscle power’. A large number of criminals are entering the Parliament and Legislative Assemblies. The bench also referred to Section 62 5 of the Act. But caste and religion both interfere in this process. These tainted law-makers are engaged in making law to make society free from corruption and all sorts of criminal activities.

This has downgraded the importance of moral values, ethics honesty etc.

essay on criminalisation of politics in india

Political parties need to take the initiative by not giving tickets to tainted persons, only law to debar the criminals from contesting the elections will or help. The reasons for increasing criminalisation of politics can be explored at various levels. The dark side of this situation is the party in power does not consider the feasibility and rationality of the action or promises unreasonable and impractical ways and techniques are adopted.

We, therefore, think that decline of general values has led to the criminalisation of politics.


Criminalization of Politics in India [Mains Article] | IASToppers

So criminalisation of politics means to use politics or political power for nefarious gains. The ghost of Machiavelli has returned. The only motive left is to serve themselves along with the near and dear ones.

Two main constituents which is the encourages the criminalisation of politics are, money power and muscle power. They must think and work for the welfare of the people at large in the interest of the nation. If the party luckily comes to power, the members of the ruling oolitics try to implement the promises. The whole system has become so corrupt and undemocratic that strong individuals indi not able to fit in the electoral arena.

Money and muscle power should be curtailed from politics. On the one hand, India has excessive procedures that allow the bureaucracy to insert itself in the om life of people; on the other hand, it appears woefully understaffed to perform its most crucial functions.

essay on criminalisation of politics in india

Contents What is the meaning of Criminalization of Politics? When both politics and administration are corrupt nothing can remain outside it.

essay on criminalisation of politics in india

From various politic they get money. In order to locate the faults and the responsibility of persons or authority the necessity of setting up of regulatory commission was felt. Word Processing – Features and Advantages. Our educational patterns are not able to instill correct moral values which lead to drop out becoming criminals and entering legislatures.

Criminalization of Politics: Nature, Causes and Recent Developments

K Patnaik and S. The judgment of the Supreme Court has thrown both national and regional parties into bewilderment.


Politics and crime have come to be associated to each other the way umbilical cord connects mother and infant. The worst part of money power in politics is that once the candidate is selected he or she kn the first aim to get back the amount spent on the election process. Moreover, the self-interest-seeking persons may exploit the situation. Caste and religious loyalties are emphasized and populist measures are announced.

Both came to an understanding to help each other politkcs this led to the criminalisation of politics. The following figures show the miserable condition of criminalisation of politics in India.

Criminalization of Politics in India [Mains Article]

The total number of all state Legislatures in This turn in the history of Indian politics further vitiated the arena of politics. The misuse or abuse of political power greatly pained Greek philosopher Plato BC In return for their work, politicians would protect these criminals from prosecution. They tend to use eessay this to further their own interests, to line their own pockets and grind their own axe. Bringing greater transparency in campaign financing is going nidia make it less attractive for political parties to involve gangsters.

The need for cleansing politics of criminal influence has been flagged once again.