Although the mission is chiefly designed as a technology demonstrator, ISRO is using its solar-powered instruments to determine precisely how the weather systems of Mars work. Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. Why Trump turned on a rival superpower Abbott failed to understand even as he lost Warringah Morrison secures majority Government with historic win of first female Chinese-Australian MP in Chisholm The world’s largest Muslim-majority country just re-elected its president — what does this mean for Australia? Retrieved 6 August So it was first put into a geocentric orbit for a month and then using many manoeuvres it is given a propulsion Newton engine to go into the correct trajectory towards Mars.

The per kilometre cost of the mission was less than INR 7 per km, which is less than the cost of travel by an auto-rickshaw in major Indian cities. Archived from the original on 8 November Spacecraft missions to Mars. Defence Defence National International Industry. The mission was achieved at an extraordinary low price tag of Rs.

The Indian Space Research Organization ISRO described their attempts as a technology demonstrator, with the primary ambition involving the design, planning and management of an interplanetary mission. Four trajectory corrections were originally planned, but only three were carried out.

Retrieved 5 July Archived from the original on 13 November It is also called Mangalyaan. Retrieved 18 December India is the fourth country to accomplish a successful mission and mangaltaan country to do so in the very first attempt. Retrieved 26 September If it’s successful, it’s fantastic.


Essay on India’s Mars Mission – What it intends to achieve by Subhra Subhadarshini

The secretive process of mxngalyaan the ‘sensational’ sweet taste of black garlic Food or energy? An unbelievable fact about the mission is that it took only Rs.

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essay on mangalyaan a successful mission

As a result the cr expenditure, incurred on ambitions mars mission should not become an excuse to downplay our capabilities and achievements. Retrieved 1 April After successful launch PM Modi said, “India has become the first country to enter Mars orbit on a maiden mission.

India’s Mars mission: Mangalyaan orbiter successfully launched into space

In the payload of 15kg, MOM carries five scientific instruments. Dr Annadurai is the program director.

Indian Space Research Organisation. Mars Orbiter Mission Spacecraft illustration.

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The prime minister and several dignitaries watched the launch in person at Sucdessful Harikota. Archived from the original on 3 December Indian viewers watch the televised launch of the country’s first mission to Mars.

India is the sixth nation in the world to launch a mission to the red planet.

essay on mangalyaan a successful mission

Sushil 3 December The Times of India. If the human mind would have been devoid of any curiosity about the unknown, we might still be living in the Paleolithic age. Press Trust of India.


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One of the working group’s objectives will be to explore potential coordinated observations and science analysis between the MAVEN orbiter and MOM, as well as other current and future Mars missions. Retrieved 24 March Retrieved 10 August List of PSLV launches.

essay on mangalyaan a successful mission

The per kilometre cost of the mission was less than INR 7 per km, which is succssful than the cost of travel by an auto-rickshaw in major Indian cities. It’s about to be easier to get a loan Yes, interest rates are about to be cut. Will be displayed Will not be displayed Will be displayed.

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