Although the celebration of a liberal victory by Francis Fukuyama seems premature, expansion of liberal ideas concerning the primacy of the individual, as opposed to the collective, continued during the late and post New Order period. Amien Rais, Agenda mendesak Bangsa. The publishers also represent a wide selection from a large and famous national publishing company to smaller local ones. And the last theme is that of Indonesian exceptionalism. Fourth, the divisions between individualism and collectivism, between liberalism and the rest of the discussion, point to the increasing clash between the rise of the individual in the twenty-first century and the appeal of collectivism. The themes and tropes of these ideological visions could be analyzed by perusing the political publications in an ordinary Indonesian bookstore.

Economic development was to come purely through maintaining the economy within the hands of nationals. Strategi misi Kristen memisahkan Islam dan Jawa. There was also an increase of religious affiliated NGO s, such as the Perhimpunan Pengembangan Pesantren dan Masyarakat The Association for the development of Islamic schools and society, P 3 M , which created an institutional relationship between the traditional Nadhatul Ulama and progressive social movements Latif But unlike various other tropes, the liberal progressives have not sought to develop a mythical history of Indonesia that stretches back in time. Natsir, Nanat Fatah

Bourchier and Hadiz stressed on the shifting nature of Indonesian political thinking.

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The post-colonial historiography of Indonesia follows leftist interpretations of the American empire and Cold War discussions on the secret machination of the CIA. This opens up the possibility for abuse or vulnerable to indonwsia attack of Islamists on the basis of a deconstructive reading of history. Mallarangeng supports a pro-market form of liberalism.

Islamists thus represent one of the few intellectual movements that actively identify and celebrate aspects of an Islamic past, instead of denying or erasing it, or sacralizing its pre-Islamic features.


Indonesian political thinking It tries to provide an Islamic foundation for idonesia support of liberal ideas like pluralism, secularism, and multiculturalism, and was published after the so-called Islamic turn of the mid s, which saw greater radicalism in the Indonesian Muslim discourse. The failure of the liberals to make a convincing case for Indonesian individualism may perhaps continue to haunt the national discussion.

The economic question has focused on how Indonesia should seoamatkan ownership of its mineral wealth and redistribute it equitably. Some are tragic, others are optimistic or even triumphalist. This pseudo-scientific approach is an extreme form of revisionism in which the Indonesian past is Islamized.

Islam, democracy and the rise of Indonesia as a major power.

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Gramedia Widia Sarana Indonesia. The anti-globalization movement highlights a continuity of exploitation, along the same trajectory as colonialism and imperialism. Starting from deregulation and the opening up of the economy to foreign investment, neoliberal ideology placed the market as a better allocator of economic factors than the state. Its supporters are political, social, and religious elites that srlamatkan the importance of maintaining the national mythology.

Reading Ideology in Indonesia Today

It was assumed that policy makers were co-opted by international agencies such as the World Bank and the IMF and worked for multinational corporations Rais The fall of Soekarno and the rise of Soeharto, with his team of so-called Berkeley Mafia economists, ushered in the New Order.

Liberals will have to engage in the national discourse in order to make a convincing argument for its values and principles. Transpustaka Suryanegara, Ahmad Mansur The first trope is that of liberalism. Sometimes people want the comfort of being within collective groups.


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The presentation of liberalism and liberal ideas bifurcate into two general strategies: The school has its own composting area in which organic waste is turned into fertilizer. They supported the abandonment of political Islam and the re-interpretation of Islamic theology within the context of present day society.

Pancasila itself is never problematized; it is merely reinterpreted to suit the conditions of the present. Integrating Western exsay ideas into the Indonesian story is a problem that has never been resolved though the JIL makes an attempt. This trope is connected to the international anti-globalization or anti-neoliberal discussion.

Illiberal Democracy in Indonesia.

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Ada pemurtadan di IAIN. I read books that have been published within the last five or six years. Indonesja being the predominant ideology implemented in state-society relations, it has a weak legitimacy within the national ideology.

essay tentang selamatkan indonesia

The fear of individual freedom in the post-New Order period resulted in Pancasila revivalism and the distrust against the outside world and the promotion of an Indonesia-centric worldview.

Tropes involve the use of rhetoric and symbolism to suggest ways swlamatkan seeing, and rely on the use of myth and popular understandings of figures and events. Historisitas, Rasionalitas dan Aktualitas Pancasila. In particular, Selamaktan am interested in examining the liberal discourse within this wider Indonesian context. In the conclusion, I will offer my take on the weakness of present day Indonesian liberalism.