A quick glance at the list of films in its catalogue reveals a list of over films produced since – probably the only common thread among them is the desire to do something different to what is being produced at the time, and to do it well. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Where else could I am getting that type of information written in such an ideal method? How are arthouse cinemas different? Lucas puts it like this: In fact, a cam version debuted on Piratebay soon after theatrical release, with DVD and Blu-Ray rips appearing in mid-August, eminently available to anybody around the world with an Internet connection. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

See Link above — The ability to watch VOD is something that is taking the film industry to new levels in terms of on-the-go film experiences much like the above mentioned iPhone. VOD — Case Study. We think you have liked this presentation. Auth with social network: Consumption – when you watch a film you are consuming it. Below is an example of a cross comparison between 2 of the biggest film industries on the planet:

Unit G322: Key Concepts – Section B – Film Industry

John Carter interesting info. Exhibition filj screening at the cinema. For example, the launch of iTunes as the de facto Internet site to purchase music was a direct response to the rampant theft of music over the Internet in the late s when Napster, GnuTella, Limewire, and other services met an emerging customer need portabilityof a purchased music to multiple devices and over the Internet that the recording industry chose to ignore.


Film re from Emma Leslie.

Post- release, hopefully, a combination of good word of mouth and further advertising will combine to give the film ‘legs’. So what is a Working Title film? Lesson 1 on Film Industry. Despite making films with tried and trusted talent in recent years Richard Curtis, Matt Damon box office has not been great. Issues of ownership slide. Must also included about your own experiences of watching film.

Copyright, Patents and Designs Act Is this different to Hollywood practices? Last Friday saw the U. What is the marketing budget, does it have any money to market the film even? Tim Bevan and I then both take the decision on what to greenlight. What are the connotations associated to this verbal code? Cross media convergence from romanyangel4. Film poster and magazine. Includes more case studies a good addition for your exam prep. Synergy – companies coming together to achieve an objective.

Technological innovations such as the VCR, DVR, iTunes, NetFlix, and yet-to-be-discovered or invented services all contribute ccase the long-term success of the entertainment industry by allowing customers to enjoy entertainment products in a manner conducive to and consistent with the modern age and societal expectations. VOD — Case Study. Social Realism is what and why do we make films like this?

g322 film industry case study

For example Dave, played by Nick Frost Was the director, star, genre, narrative a selling point? There will be no choice of question.


g322 film industry case study

Convergent technology is technology that allows an audience to consume more than one type of media from a single platform. The success of this film on both sides of the Atlantic gave Working Title a template for co-production that they immediately began to exploit, and one that has been the aspiration for most other British independent production companies since.

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And who is jndustry important for? Auth with social network: Cross-media convergence can help with synergy if companies are wise enough to take advantage of the links they have forged.

Stacey Gibbons Film Distribution. This was once relatively easy to answer, as the films they first made all seemed to address issues of what it is to sstudy British or, more specifically, Englishand particularly what it meant to be an outsider — like the immigrants in My Beautiful Laundrette.

Conglomerate – Giant companies owing others. How do you think Working Title can be successful again? What do British Film Companies have to do if they want to compete with the big 6? The films were suffering because there was no real structure and imdustry company was always virtually bankrupt.