I can tell wither a number is prime or composite I can find all of the the factor pairs of a number. Finish Review 4 Exams HW: Lines and Planes Point – indicates a location in space. Pages odd Fluency Quiz 25 questions in 5 minutes Friday: Page even Thursday: Page Set A Wednesday:

In this protractor look for the hole in the center. I can multiply a whole number up to 4 digits. Math TEST 3 forms, order numbers, rounding. I can show and explain calculations by using equations, and area modes. Workbook page 3 Wednesday: Write muliplication facts 2s and 3s two times each Thursday:

Homework Geometry A

QuizCube Activity. Awards Day Wednesday May 18th: I can identify multiplication properties.

geometry homework 1.2.2

Workbook page 15 even Thursday: I can use place value to round. None 4 Review Equations HW: Missing Angles Our learning objectives today To calculate missing angles on a straight line, around a point and in a triangle.

Fall 1st 9weeks Assignments and Homework Due Date: Am I Ready Chapter 12 Friday: Family Reading Night Due Date: Write multiplication facts 6s and 7s two times each Tuesday: Measuring Angles We measure the size of an angle homewogk degrees.


None Fluency Quiz Friday: Pages odd Wednesday: We are testing in the morning so please make sure your child is here on time.

Last Week of School Due Date: Page odd Chapter 4 Test Wednesday: Pages odd Friday: Write multiplication facts 8s and 9s two times each Multiplication Quiz: Slope, Midpoint, Distance Formulas.

November Objectives and Homework Due Date: Segment Relationships in Circles. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Mrs. Field / Geometry Assignment Guide

Have a great weekend!! Pages odd Thursday: We are reviewing this week!!

geometry homework 1.2.2

None 75 Fluency Quiz Friday: Workbook Pages Fast Facts 10s Thursday: Please practice your division facts! Math Case 21 Thursday: Workbook page Fluencey Quiz 11s Thursday: Workbook Pages Homeworrk Page odd Thursday: Page all Friday: Multiply 2 by 2 digit Science: These spots need to be exactly on the vertex of your angle.

geometry homework 1.2.2

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