July 10, at 8: Not one of aspiration and growth and inspiration. A year program is found to be the adequate period for learning under basic education. Does he really want education to produce outliers? There is something more insidious because often parents do the homework, so students learn to fake their learning.

Probably it hurt the Educ Sec so much to see the youth under his wings are also being corrupted like what happened to a national boys organization. Is he prepared to stand up to opposition from the Catholic church? I do not know the context of the pledge in Philippines. As a forester Sec Luistro probably just does not like snakes poisonous or not in his forest. One of these clashes came from Department of Education Secretary Armin Luistro during his recent speech to graduating students at the University of the Philippines. What a sharp memory!

It is not easy to implement.

Graduation speech of bro. armin luistro

Email required Luisttro never made public. No help from the internet, then. Why do I think so? Said to be african in origin. Ramon Paje June 30, grasuation 30, There will be a matching of competency requirements and standards so that year basic education graduates will have the necessary entry- level skills needed to join the workforce and to match the College Readiness Standards CRS for further education and future employment.


Brothers of the Christian Schools. Is the Secretary only responsible for what goes on in the school rooms, or is he obligated to think broader? They understood a little of the arts and the sciences nature. Julia Abad June armjn, —June 30, They so badly want their government officials, like Sec. But the government needs some self-re-engineering to get that done.

To help guide high school luistro in choosing their speeches, career advocacy activities will be conducted regularly.

From the moment we stepped into office, we have consistently raised the budget of basic education.

Armin Luistro

They must pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers LET within five years after their date of hiring to remain employed full- time. We gather today to witness yet another historic milestone for our country: A bit on the lighter side.

graduation speech of bro. armin luistro 2014

I do not know if there is increased risk but many people perceive that there is. In the context of doing important things, those activities are pointless as well.

It would be an interesting puzzle to solve, how to build careers into a work force that basically labors. Chancellor of De La Salle University — Set a better example. Unless you know where you are you can not go to Patriotism or Accountability. As a forester Sec Luistro probably just does not like snakes poisonous or not in his forest. July 7, at 6: He was merely decrying the fact that a lot of young talents are wasted because of misguided movements that seek not to contribute but to destroy.


Post was not sent – check your email addresses! He is a selfless man. If our youth are forced to shoulder such an educational handicap from the beginning, how can they possibly compete for employment in the long run?

graduation speech of bro. armin luistro 2014

From my experience, rote learning was encouraged in grade schools, gradually tapering off in high school, and completely gone in college. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. What stuck is a scrapbook of impressions about the study agenda at hand and memorized lines especially the opening ones.

Thus he says “I supposed [they] laughed at me. Hi, I am not against K The problem of climate change is within our capacity to solve.