Each zone is unlocked after completing the previous one, and all of them can be accessed and played individually without needing to complete the entire world in a go. The Raccoon Kingpin is a raccoon in a suit. Is it just me, or am I amazing? Participating in the events of The Origins of Madness. The Jumping Rocks encountered in Tribulation Mode. Completing challenges in the Stronghold of the Faithful wing of Forsaken Thicket. Infantile Mode is useful for acquiring many Super Adventure Box achievements due to its ease.

Participating in the events of Festival of the Four Winds. While inside, players are able to earn Bauble Bubbles that can be exchanged with Moto for various items. Infantile Mode provides rainbow paths over the more difficult jumping puzzle portions of the zones. Long Live the Lich. Completing story instances and challenges in the release The Head of the Snake and the zone Lake Doric. The watch list is useful for tracking a group of related achievements, especially Living World achievement categories.

Another testament to my greatness. Communing with Cohrsework Insights throughout the Crystal Desert. Completing story instances and challenges in the Verdant Brink arc of Heart of Thorns. Back to School September 3, – September 30, Creating the portal device to Scarlet’s Playhouse during Clockwork Chaos.

Froggera game where the players has to cross a rapid river by jumping on logs that float down the river. Super Adventure Festival March 30, – April 20, The colors used by the baubles which can be picked up in the SAB are aligned with the rarity paradigm used for equipment, with different colored baubles coyrsework a different number of blue baubles the base currency:. World 2 made completely available. Achievements are organized into achievement categories, which are organized acheivement logical groups to aid in navigation.


Progression in the Baby’s First Super Adventure achievement related to the infantile couesework is erroneously granted in the normal mode at certain locations. Temple of the Silent Storm. Talk to the Racing NPC at the start of each zone to proceed.

Daily Super Adventure Festival – Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

The Dragon’s Reach, Part 2. A Very Merry Wintersday ‘ Up to 20 achievements can be added to a watch list and will be displayed in the Achievements UI panel. Living World Season 1. Retrieved from ” https: These Fractal Dailies and Living World Dailies provide unique rewards and experience but do not progress the daily meta award achievement.

Super Adventure Box

Completing challenges in World 1 of Super Adventure Box. Repeatable achievements for participating in the Super Adventure Box. Completing challenges in the Hall of Chains.

Year of the Ascension Part I.

Completing story instances and challenges in Entanglement. The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx in Repeatable achievements for Lunar New Year activities; resets each day.


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Small Bag of Spirit Shards Coins: Completing story instances and challenges in Seeds of Truth. The raft ride in Final Fantasy 6which has enemies jumping up from the water to battle the party.

gw2 coursework achievement

Players must destroy objects that allow them to be picked up, such as the Furniture inside the various shops and Hillbilly’s Special Jugas well as the Bonsai Pots in Pain Cliffs even though they cannot be picked up. Daily Completionist is available every day.

gw2 coursework achievement

World versus World daily achievements fall into two categories: Completing story instances and challenges in Echoes of the Past.

Musical instruments often play an important in the Legend of Zelda franchise, being featured prominently in The Legend of Zelda: Link obtaining the sword in The Legend of Zelda. Players have the option to listen to Shard of Duskk while in Tribulation Mode.