I Don’t Want to Die. Impatiently Waiting Broke Pockets. The Thesis Songtext von Hi-Rez. Smile Through the Pain. Drip Too Hard Remix. Sick N Tired Lyrics. New to New York.

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The Thesis Lyrics

Beautiful Struggle Beautiful Struggle. Impatiently Waiting Broke Pockets. Longer Than A Minute. Keep My Head Tesis. Hey hey It’s a walk to remember Yeah haha Feeling good So I keep my head high Cause I know I’ll see better days People gon’ always talk shit but I just let ’em hate They used to get the best of me but that shit gonna end today And why you tryin to be a fire man in the 2nd grade Shit, I wanted to be an artist Skin color was something I disregarded Real shit that judgmental shit is retarded Cause I’m a come the lyrivs of all colors regardless Pardon, pardon pardon the interuption This your goodnight story homie hope you tucked in Without music I won’t be able to function It’s the reason why in almost every class I’m fucking Shit, but that ain’t something that I’m hhesis ’bout Couple friends rolling weed yeah we pass around A couple J’s getting high so we laughing now.


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hi rez the thesis lyrics

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Hi-Rez – The Thesis lyrics

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hi rez the thesis lyrics