Here are the full notes for the entire semester document is searchable and has working links. The homework is your best chance to learn the material in this course. The homework is an important most important part of this class. Homework 4, due February 15th: Malott Hall Office hours:

You are encouraged to work with each other on the homework. This includes reasonable handwriting preferably typed in LaTeX!!!! In particular, you are not allowed to work with each other. Even false starts on problems will help you learn. Knowledge of Lebesgue integration theory, at least on real line. Following are links to the individual sections we have covered so far:. You may consult any printed or online source, but you must explicitly cite all sources besides the textbook and lecture notes.

You may not use a late pass on the final homework assignment.

Apart from asking me to clarify the questions, you may not get help from any person on the take-home final. Other textbooks that you can look at for a different perspective: It is due on Thursday, December modeen at Solutions and Solution to extra credit problem.


Theory and Examples4th edition, by Rick Durrett. Everything you write should be in your own individual words; direct copying is forbidden!

Real Analysis II — Homework Assignments

Modern Techniques and Their Applications by Folland for measure himework background. Homework 5, due November 2nd: Homework 1, due October 5th: Here is the take-home final exam. You may consult others on the problems, but in the end you are responsible for understanding the material. Tecgniques Theory by Cohn or Real Analysis: Homework 8, due March 15th: Also, though it is perfectly acceptable to consult outside resources for help on occasion, you should spend a reasonable amount of time thinking about the problem and attempting your own solution before doing so, and you are required to explicitly cite all sources other than the official text.

MATH 6710: Probability Theory I

The solutions should be complete and clear. Due Friday, October Here is what the TA will be looking for in your solutions.

Results that you use in your proof from undergraduate analysis or from the text book or from the lecture notes should be stated clearly. Homework 6, due November 9th: Beyond this, late work will not be accepted without a compelling reason.


Remarks on doing the homework.

Homework 7, due March 8th: So we have shown that f n converges to f uniformly. Homework 2, due January 25th: In particular, you are not allowed to work with each other.

homework of modern techniques folland with solution

Homework 9, due December 7th: Homework 5, due February 22nd: Here is an example of what I am looking for: Tu pm, Th pm or by appointment Email: You are encouraged to work homewlrk each other on the homework.

Malott Hall Office hours: Even false starts on problems will help you learn.

homework of modern techniques folland with solution

Homework 1, due January 18th: A good rule of thumb is: Each student is granted two free passes to turn in homework up to a week after the posted due date. Your grade will be determined by weekly homework assignments along with one take-home final exam.