What if my major has a required capstone course? Quality, not quantity, is what matters in an honors thesis. Overview The honors thesis is a long-standing tradition in honors programs and colleges, including the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University. Faculty will be the most receptive to students who are professional and well prepared. Also note that you may NOT include family members or significant others on your committee. How can I get an extension if I do not complete my thesis before I graduate?

Your thesis chair should help you to identify clear milestones and deadlines for your project. Defend your thesis before you graduate You have completed your project and have written up your findings. In this case, the committee does not need to be present and no oral examination follows the presentation. However, many students work on the thesis over a longer period, sometimes a year or more. Once you’ve carefully read through the thesis handbook, bookmark this handy thesis checklist to help keep you on track during the thesis process!

If your committee anticipates that more than one hour will be needed for your defense, please make certain that your room is available or make plans to continue your closed-door defense in another location. Your packet should be picked up at the honors college before the defense, honots to your defense to be completed by your committee members, and then returned to the honors college.

I head that the thesis is supposed to be at least 50 pages or pages or pages or Does the thesis need to be completed in my major program of study?

Most are completed within one hour, but some committees prefer to have a longer time — check with your thesis committee in advance. This depends entirely on you and your committee. Human Subjects Application —Instructions and application materials for research involving human subjects.

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Your thesis chair serves as an advisor and consultant, rather than dictating the work to be done. There are no requirements regarding the length of your thesis. Do not worry if your ideas are still a bit nebulous when you proceed to step three.


Ideally, your committee members will meet with you before you begin work on the thesis so that they may give you advice and ideas regarding your proposed work. Will this thesis require IBC approval? If your project involves the use of recombinant or synthetic DNA, or tthesis agents and their products, or life sciences research, you must contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee WMU-IBC at Please see the thesis approval email for detailed information regarding your wmk.

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We recommend that you defend your thesis at least one semester before you intend to graduate to ensure your honors thesis does not get buried or end up unfinished in the flurry of activities and requirements that are part of your final semester.

It may be that your topic will be difficult to research, or that there is already a great deal of work that has been done in that area. To find a topic, you should reflect on courses, topics in courses, and experiences e.

The thesis declaration approval email from the dean or associate dean outlines exactly what must be submitted to document BFA theses.

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Also note that you may NOT include wu members or significant others on your committee. No, you may complete a thesis in any area of interest to you, as long as the thesis meets the scholarly standards of that field of study. Once you have decided on a thesis defense date, you should submit your thesis defense certificate request form. Honors students must enroll in and complete HNRS Another good idea is to check the internet to see if there are faculty at WMU with expertise closely related to your chosen topic.


honors thesis wmu

This need not be formal, although your committee will likely appreciate it if you provide them with a one- or two-page summary of your proposed work a few days before the meeting; this will allow them time to consider your proposal and offer you valuable guidance.

The honors thesis prepares gonors to stand out in the employment or graduate study application process.

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Likewise, sham conference organizers will send targeted emails asking for abstract or article contributions with substantial submission fees. You should consult with your thesis chair regarding possible members of your committee soon after you choose a topic.

The more prepared you are, and enthusiastic about your potential project, the more likely it is that a busy faculty member will want to take the time to become your thesis chair! Preview Declaration Page 3: Overview The honors honore is a long-standing tradition in honors programs and colleges, nonors the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University.

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The credit counts toward your theesis course credit hour requirement. A potential thesis chair might suggest some other ideas for a thesis topic — listen to these and consider them carefully, but do make sure that you settle on a topic that is interesting to you, as well as to your thesis chair.

Once you begin your project, you should send periodic updates on your progress to your full committee and should thewis consider scheduling regular meetings with them. In the humanities, this might include a reading from your original paper.

honors thesis wmu

Honors Thesis prior to graduation.