She was trying to impress her peers, which I guess is ok, if you are willing to pay the consequences. So I just finished reading the rest of The Hunger Games trilogy Catching Fire and Mockingjay and seemingly, one of the most interesting I do not have my diploma, I only have transcripts. Why are you defending someone whose word is worthless, because its twilight? Use of the quote? What so the girl said the speech of twilight?

Fall in love — a lot. Widely accepted definitions of plagiarism state that a piece of writing, of a speech, of music, of a work of art, etc. She did the work for the diploma. They should give her her diploma. So whether or not her diploma should be held for that is debateable. She gave her word, by signing a contract. Often times these problems stem from high schools that do not take an active stance in educating or disciplining students with regards to plagiarism.

I do not have my diploma, I only have transcripts. I think because the copy of the speech she gave to the faculty had heck in it and when she said the speech it was different.

fanpop – BDP12’s Photo: Jessica’s Epic Graduation Speech (Eclipse)

And why am I posting this? I was so busy with my new job and m Who’s Playing Finnick Odair? August 22, at 2: Let me start off by saying I do not agree with the school. She wasnt advocating for a cause that may mitigate her departure from her submitted speech. I personally shall email the school on her behalf.

August 21, at s;eech Sheila, I agree with you totally, except on one point. Should you sign something knowing that you are not going to adhere to it?


Twilight Fan Student Refused Diploma For Graduation Speech Inspired by Eclipse

We need to keep in mind here that there is much more to this than meets the eye. We answered rock star, cowboy or in my case, a gold medalist.

jessicas graduation speech in eclipse

I just had to point it out. If eclipsr did not want to be confined to the parameters of the contract, her other option was to not participate.

I do think that she should have stuck to her script, but if she really had been a model student throughout her entire high school career up until that point, it seems a little extreme that her exemplary record would have become unstuck and that they would with-holding her diploma because one incident.

Another administrator with yraduation stick up his ass.

The Binibining Pilipinas Finals Night is still almost two months from today but the heat of the pageant came in early even before the summe Ashley Greene on Jimmy Kimmel. So I just finished reading the rest of The Hunger Games trilogy Catching Fire and Mockingjay and seemingly, one of the most interesting And graduxtion got it from one of the movies, so obviously you only care about the movies.

Now this may not rate, as far as the crap I have seen in the schools, but what about the part that she made graduatiom agreement with the school.

dreamsonfire: Twilight Eclipse – Jessica’s graduation speech

Intimiditation, condemnation, ridicule, calling people names, illegal laws, etc are some of their tools. Though the format differs, citing borrowed work must be done in verbal language just as it is done in written language. Not every instance is the same and not every school is the same. She wasnt representing a cause or speaking out on a point of passion. Just give the girl her diploma so she can go to college already!! Now that said, she was told that if she apoligised in graduattion she could get it.


It is not the fact that it was based off eclipae Eclipse. The school in question is only a few miles from my house.

jessicas graduation speech in eclipse

Edlipse only reason they could legally deny those are if there was some clause about graduation speeches or there is an associated fee that they have not paid. What does it say about a valedictorian or the school that awarded her the grades that helped her achieve valedictorian status if she cannot compose her own graduation speech?

Graduation Speech Of Jessica From The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Ok, there is always more than one side of the story. Does not the speech in Eclipse reflect real life?

jessicas graduation speech in eclipse

What if I did drugs when I was 15?