Supreme Court Of India , 31 Mar H Kandaraj [ 4 SCC ]. The issue is already concluded by the decision in Ashar. Be consistent in your format. The Chief Justice M. Click to upgrade Your Package to have this feature. The correct test of reasonableness has been propounded by Chief Justice Patanjali Sastri in the celebrated decision of State Of Madras v.

On a perusal of the impugned guidelines framed by the appellant University, we fail to understand as to how it would satisfy the test of prescribing higher standards. The Supreme Court has also categorically pronounced on this issue in B. The law is settled by a Full Bench of this Court in R. Students shall be trained to correlate laboratory findings with diagnosis and management of sick people. This is a paid feature. This is to secure uniform standards for Post-graduate medical education through out India and the Central Government may constitute a Post-graduate Medical Committee from among the members of the Council for this purpose. Yet another provision in the MCI Regulations which throws light as to whether each head of passing is permissible in the theory and practical including Clinical and viva-voce examination is clause 14 4 thereof which is extracted hereunder:

One can understand if the candidate is required to appear again in the theory and related practical of the particular paper if he has failed to secure the minimum prescribed in that subject as per the norms. Report, female genital guidelinees dissertation at rguhs dissertation of dissertation topic: H Kandaraj [ 4 SCC ]. Competency on performing medical and surgical procedures.

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Allahabad High Court28 Aug Clause 5 of the MCI Regulations describes the components of the Post-graduate Curriculum and the KUHS Regulations do not prescribe any change in the components which indicate that the focus is thseis component system than on composite system. Communicate with the patients and relatives.

Coming on time, work up of case s, follow up of cases, involvement in treatment.


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Log In India UK. Be consistent in your format. The Supreme Court following Dr. Page numbers must be included for lists of figures and tables; otherwise, they are of no benefit to tuidelines reader. Post-graduate Medical Education Committee for assisting Council in matters relating to post-graduate medical education.

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Sanjay Singh And Another vs. The Legislative competence of Parliament and the Legislatures of the States to make laws under Article is regulated by the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution and the relevant entries as regards medical education in Universities are as follows: But in case of emergency due to medical or other reasons, the principal sanction Extra Ordinary Leave.

Until publication in the Official Gazette, the Statute will be considered as still being in the process of being made, even if it had received the assent of the Chancellor. Times New Roman Preferably. The total number of members mx the Academic Council of the University is 57 and the quorum for its meeting shall be 11 being one-fifth of the total members or 10 whichever is less as per Section 25 2 of the Act.

A Score of less than 1 in any of above items will represent unsatisfactory completion of internship. The mere fact that the petitioners were admitted to the Post-graduate medical course thesiis a time when the KUHS Regulations were in force does not make it valid for the entirety of the course or thereafter.

Secondly, the State cannot, while controlling education in the State, impinge on standards in institutions for higher education. The needful in this regard shall be done within an outer time limit of four months from the date of receipt of this judgment and the examinations for which process has already started shall kubs continue.


Only three months are acceptable: Uppercase, bold, centered 20pt to 26pt. Because this is exclusively within the purview of the Union Government. A reading of Clause 14 of the MCI Regulations can lead to a reasonable conclusion that a candidate should pass in the theory and the practical by obtaining the minimum marks prescribed which take in all the components of the Post-graduate Curriculum.

Also there is no insistence that the candidate who has failed in one subject either theory or practical should again appear for all the papers including theory and practical in the MCI Regulations as in the KUHS Regulations.

Deep Chand Saxena… Petitioner ; vs. M Althaf, Advocates on behalf of the petitioners as well as Mr. The abstract must be double spaced and no longer than words.

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On a careful reading and comparison of Regulation 12 4 of MCI Regulation and the impugned guidelines issued by the Appellant University, it is prima facie clear that the manner in which a candidate would be declared to have been passed, has been modified by the appellant University, thus being inconsistent with the MCI Regulation.

S and one for Diploma. The University has thought it wise that the student must possess a higher level of knowledge of the fundamentals of the subject securing atleast 40 percent marks for each subject and the raising of the bar cannot be found fault with.

The Chief Guideliines M. Section 20 of the Act empowers the Medical Council of India to prescribe standards of Post-graduate medical education for the guidance of the Universities and may also advise the Universities in the matter.

kuhs md thesis guidelines