Sustainable Energy Management – Linking people for a sustainable city. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Students are required to write a thesis if studying in the liberal arts, law or science in order to graduate. Obtaining the diploma means the student completely concluded his or her studies, and has the right of using the title of Licenciado Licenciate. Similarly, for theological colleges in former times, the licentiate was a specific post graduate award, analogous to a current graduate diploma. This authentication confirms the school follows and complies to the national curriculum requirements for a four-year baccalaureat bachelor’s degree. Although durational requirements to obtain Licenciatura often depend on the topic studied, most universities require the completion of the curriculum within four to five years.

The Licentiate of Engineering corresponds to ECTS credits 80 workweeks old credits , or nominally two years of full-time work, whereas a PhD amounts to ECTS credits workweeks old credits , or a nominal period of four years of full-time work one old credit equals one week of full-time studies. General Italian level 1 semester 2. This seminar is especially relevant to government officials, diplomats, private investors and executives who are involved in investment decision-making processes. Due to the developments introduced by the Bologna Process in the mids, in Portugal the licentiate’s degree Licenciatura may refer to both old and new Licenciaturas , which were awarded before and after the Bologna’s reforms, respectively. The Lizentiat is largely equivalent to the 1.

Sustainable Energy Management – Linking people for a sustainable city. In Boliviaa Licenciatura is a professional degree distinct from the Anglo-Saxon Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor in Science, as it requires that the student take more ghesis for the completion of a professional curricula than those needed in the Anglo-Saxon system.


Archived from the original on 9 March Students are required to write a thesis if studying in the liberal arts, law or science in order to graduate. Archived from the original on 18 April Archived from the original on 22 March To obtain a “Licenciatura” it is required to either pass an additional test or defend a thesis.

Licentiate (degree)

The durational requirements to obtain a Licenciatura vary depending on the profession studied, however, most universities require the completion of the curricula within four to five years. Thinking of doing a PhD?

Until the s, the degree was offered as a law degree at the Saarland University as a single university degree Lic. In such cases, both written titles are equivalent.

This agreement needs to be signed by the UGent Promotor and the Director of Education of your faculty.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Retrieved 5 July This degree is currently being phased out at Spanish universities, replaced by the ‘Grado’ Bachelor and ‘Master’ system due to the implementation of the Bologna Declaration on the European rrechten education area. We offer real life cases of negotiations with international employee representative bodies. Ministerio de Education Republica Argentina.

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This practical dimension will be combined rechte a more general exploration of the evolving global and European privacy landscape, with a particular emphasis on transatlantic issues, and current policy debates. Standard Master Thesis Agreement For master thesis projects in collaboration with third parties companies, not-for-profit organisations, ….

The Licentiate’s degree is called a filosofie licentiat thessis Swedish and filosofian lisensiaatti in Finnish Licentiate of Philosophyteologie licentiat and teologian lisensiaatti Licentiate of Theology etc.

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A qualification similar to the LTh is the two-year postgraduate Licentiate of Sacred Theology STLkuleuvrn from many Pontifical universities and Pontifical faculties of theology, possessing the authority to grant Pontifical degrees. Eenzijdige verklaring vertrouwelijkheid en overdracht van recht Unilateral Declaration of Confidentiality. Bachelor’s degree Honours degree. It was used specifically because some theological colleges did not enjoy university status, and could not award degrees such as baccalaureates, masters and doctorates.


kuleuven rechten thesis

What are their functions? General French level 1 year course. Rdchten 3 July The status of this award is similar to that of an Australian diploma—currently one year of post-secondary education—and so it is a lesser award than a degree, although this award can usually take two or more years to complete due to its high standard.

It is also the first degree used in the European Higher Education Areaand is also designated a Bachelor’s degree in other European countries. Nevertheless, in most aspects, Grados will be the equivalent of the old intermediate degrees: How can EU professionals anticipate these developments effectively? The main purpose for having such a semi-level is to enable students, who cannot finish PhD studies but reached certain significant level of additional knowledge around first half of PhD studiesto get certificate about finishing one stage of the PhD studies and continue those studies later in life.

While the term licentiate is not generally used by Canadian academic institutions, a Licentiate in Thsis LL. The Master’s degree entails a two-year program of study, in which students can normally enroll after completing a licentiate’s degree, and provides higher qualification for juleuven e. You are here VUB Home. Retrieved 8 Thesks