Both the positive controls produced significantly sized inhibition zones against the test bacteria ciprofloxacin and yeasts amphotericin-B. The findings provide support for the use of this plant in producing new bioactivity compounds having antimicrobial activity. Ciprofloxacin and Amphotericin were used as standard antibiotics. Search for antibacterial and antifungal agents from selected Indian medicinal plants. Literature survey on scientific journals, books as well as electronic sources have shown the isolation of alkaloids, tannins, polyphenols and steroids from different parts of the plant, pharmacological studies revealed that the extract or isolated compounds from this species posses analgesic, anti-inflammatory, hypoglyceamic, hypotensive, antiplasmodial, antimicrobial, antiulcer and antitumorigenic activities. Hypoglycemic activity of Vernonia amygdalina. Volume 18 Issue 8 0.

In some cases a plaster is applied after massage, and in refactory cases where walking has become impossible various parts of Trichilia prieuriana Meliaceae are added to an aqeous infusion of N. However, further studies on the extracts and pure compounds from this species is required to completely assess its phytochemical, pharmacological and toxicological profile as well as the mechanism of action behind these pharmacological activities exhibited by the compounds isolated from this species. Chronic oral consumption of ethanolic extract of Picralima nitida Akuamma seed induced histopathological changes on the testes of adult wistar rats. The ripe fruit is edible and is usually eaten raw, without the skin or seeds. Medicinal Plants of West Africa. Distinct mechanisms of activation by medroxyprogesterone acetate and dihydrotestosterone. A non-steroidal estrogen antiagonist 1- pdiethylaminoethoxyphenyl phenylpmethoxyphenyl ethanol.

literature review on picralima nitida

Herbal drugs as antidiabetic: Analgesic properties are said to reside in the bark. One hundred microliter of inoculum of each test organism was spread onto the agar plates so as to achieve a confluent growth.

Evaluation of the Antibacterial Properties of Picralima Nitida Stembark Extracts

These findings vividly established the fact literatre the glycosides extract exhibited more potent hypoglycemic effect than liteerature extract as it contains secondary metabolites like saponins, steroids, triterpenes and flavonoids from Picralima nitida plant; it may be useful in the management of NIDDM patients since it showed significant activity in normoglycemic and hyperglycemic conditions in animal model. In addition, Germann et al revealed the presence of newbouldioside A-C, phenylethanoid glycosides in the stem bark while flavonoids, and tannins are found in the leaf Usman and Osuji, Effects of experimental diabetes and insulin on smooth muscle functions.


Which extractant should be used for the screening and isolation of antimicrobial components from plants? Evaluation of extracts of the root of Landolphia owerrience for antibacterial activity. Saccharomyces cerevisiaeC. A focus on botanical products in diabetes.

Screening for antimicrobial activity: Where did we go wrong? Publishers named above each report are responsible for their own content, which AllAfrica does not have the picalima right to edit or correct.

Nigeria: Herbal Cocktail for Drug-Resistant Malaria –

Androgenic effect; Estrogenic activity; Libido; Partial agonist; Testosterone. John Wiley and Sons; Eur J Exp Biol ;3: Antimicrobial activity of ultrasound-assisted solvent-extracted spices. The antibacterial activities can be enhanced if the active components are purified and adequate dosage determined for proper administration.

In order to reveal its full pharmacological and therapeutic potentials, the present review focuses on the current medicinal uses, phytochemistry, pharmacological and toxicological activities of this species.

Wistar albino rats of either sex were fasted for 24 h but had access to water ad libitum.

The worldwide threat of antimicrobial resistance. Antibiotics have been called miracle drugs, but more than 60 years of use, the efficacy of current antimicrobial agents has been reduced due to the continuing emergence of drug resistant organisms and the adaptations by microbial pathogens to commonly used antimicrobials DiazGranados et al.

A review of the literature. The seeds were extracted from the pods, air-dried for six weeks in the tropical sunlight and pulverized. Preliminary evaluation of the haematological effects of Picralima nitida saponin extracts on Rattus novergicus. The mixture was continuously shaken gently for one hour and extracted with equal ratio mixture of chloroform after acidifying with enough dilute HCl 0.


Diabetes mellitus is a complex metabolic disorder Petal and Rybczynski, ; Ozturk, et al.

literature review on picralima nitida

Method of extraction and preparation of Picralima nitida. A wide variety of medicinal plant s used traditionally have not yet been systematically investigated against various microbial pathogens Aqil and Ahmad, These reasons have favoured literayure utilization of alternative medicine to stabilize the blood glucose level in most diabetic patients of some developing countries of the world.

Plant collection and extractions: The Practical Evaluation of Phytochemical.

Nigeria: Herbal Cocktail for Drug-Resistant Malaria

Effect of alkaloids and glycosides extracts of Picralima nitida on mean nitoda blood glucose levels in normal rats: Since Picralima nitida extract is also richly endowed with glycosides, which include biologically active compounds such as saponins, flavonoids, steroids and triterpenes Vladimir and Ludmila,the aim of this study, therefore, is to evaluate the hypoglycemic activity of the alkaloids and glycosides extracts of the Picralima nitida seed so as to propose the class of the secondary metabolites that has the hypoglycemic activity.

Burkill, the decoction of the bark is given to children in Ivory Coast and Nigeria for reviw and convulsions. According to The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa, the bark, and hitida root, are febrifugal and are said in Nigeria to be very effective in the case of ordinary malaria.

The m ethanolic extract