But before I could even begin to worry about it, I was on stage. I know how fortunate I have been to work with such people. My mother, however, had known about Dame Peggy all along. I could relate to the wild child in Lindsay, who loved to dress up, who loved to create and be over the top. Pina Bausch’s theatre was concerned with intensities and the expression of deep feelings. Osipova attempts to master the steps as they are authoritatively delivered via voice-over in English and Russian.

News Upcoming Events See all News. It was and I had been with The Australian Ballet for two years, when Anne, then Artistic Director, decided to stage a program of short works by members of the company. This is why the performances were so intense. My mother, however, had known about Dame Peggy all along. I had learned so much and had so much to give, but no one seemed to want it.

We can learn from every situation we find ourselves in. She loved my Australian voice essaay my humour, she encouraged me to switch rapidly between the comic and the dramatic. At the time, I was still under contract to The Australian Ballet and once again Dame Peggy came to the rescue, ensuring my release from this obligation and allowing me to pursue my journey. I was in the back row of the corps, remember, and surely it would not make any difference either to the work or to the audience.

My ballet experience had emphasised technique, the story and the production of an aesthetic event. The internal logic of the work weaves a twisted but uncannily connected web connecting Osipova and her mental state with the extreme, cruel, and sometimes comic ways in which dance is taught and learned. Amagatsu used light in the most poetic way, as if to show the invisible realm of his thoughts and dreams. It is a great pleasure and a great honour to be here this evening.


Tankard has a long association with Adelaide, and it was during her tenure as Artistic Director of the Australian Dance Theatre that the company developed a solid international reputation. As it is performed, a work grows, it evolves and unfolds tankzrd become what it needs to be. Two Feet, Adelaide Festival There are many reasons for a dance choreographer to revisit a work from their back catalogue.

The next performance I would be thinking, “tonight, I am going to be a really old sick Wili,” and that would be my goal for the evening. Enter Osipova, who like Spessivtzeva, has been critically acclaimed for her Giselle. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: Republish our articles taknard free, online or in print, under Creative Commons license.

And I was reminded sssay I was certainly not the first person to find questionable some of the teaching methods used in the training of dancers. Audiences came in huge numbers to see Pina Bausch’s work, but hardly anyone came near the stage door. Lindsay would have painted everything blue.

meryl tankard essay

She had asked me to put dirt in my hair, to wear no make up and forget the ballerina’s desire for pristine perfection or the desire to shine. There was plenty of magic essy make believe which the public loved. I barely knew what the work was about. Neither did her hips accommodate to the years of forced turnout.

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With ideas of ritual, I made VX for him and used his war service number as a title for the composition. Pina had given me so much and I had no idea where my journey would take me next.

meryl tankard essay

It is tanmard, but it is also meaningless. Every time we perform a work it changes and this is just how it must be!


Great artistic mentors

She had found out that this lady who was such a magnificent artist was also a great teacher. William PetersonFlinders University.

William Peterson does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. There was no rehearsal, no preparation at all; someone had been arrested at the airport in Torrino, for wearing a pink suit, I think.


Meryl Tankard revisits Two Feet, the tragic story of a dancer’s perfectionism

In this book one learns about the disciplines young dancers have to accept, the hard choices to be made and, most importantly, the necessity of finding the best possible artistic mentors. And after six years with Pina Bausch, I began to wonder where the work was taking me. Dame Peggy had often remarked that though she had learned a lot from Marie Rambert and Ninette de Valois during her formative years as a dancer in England, in the end she had had to do what was right for her and right for The Australian Ballet.

She told us “not to search for answers that could not be given to us then because we would not have been able to live them”.

And it was only later, when I was able to sit out and watch the work unfold that I could at last comprehend what was happening. I have to say that my mother absorbed this wisdom to make it her own and, of course, the last suggestion was the easiest one for her to follow.