CSP will launch the three different advertising concepts aimed at health care providers: Barbara Printup, Senior Director of Marketing for Cambridge Science Pharmaceuticals CSP was appointed in February to be responsible in developing a viable positioning strategy and associated marketing communications plan. Other than that, the weaknesses of the products also low if compare with the strength of the products itself. The conclusion is, Metabical can monopoly big market share in the weight loss industry and with the exclusivity for 10 years will help CSP to gain better profits for future. Customers will have to pay for the full price of Metabical not covered by insurance.

Menu A comparison of the views of marx and kierkegaard How to write a mission statements Gilbert newton lewis obituary. Printup will work with the director of sales for this team to develop sales scripts and presentations providing clinical information. Under this option, we have a target market that are educated and are willing to spend money on prescribed weight loss drug. Help Center Find new research papers in: Secondary Target A CSP Sales team will responsible for two gastrointestinal drugs directed to give details of Metabical to the health care providers in their territories, and add it to their existing portfolios. Printup will also discussed coverage of this event with several leading news organizations to ensure they will gain the information and publish the information to publics. This sales team will focusing the most geographically accessible and responsive to drug-rep visits.

Other OTC solutions such as green tea extract, conjugated linoleic acid, bitter orange, etc. There are three BMI categories of excess weight for adults: Metabical is intended for overweight individuals with BMI She could then move on to assessing her current marketing communication strategy and develop a timeline for the key activities.


The following are lists of the main categories in the market: Marketing Books 14th edition David, F. This option creates an ROI of 5.

Metabical Case

This option also targets other related markets and stud some percentage of probelm women of other ages may purchase the product. The participants that will involve in the programs are come from medical researcher in cardiology, diabetes, gastroenterology, depression therapy, and oncology that will serve as keynote speakers, and a series of breakout session focusing on health issues for overweight patients.

This alternative choses the lowest pricing option because of the population chosen. Being overweight leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and gallbladder disease.

They endure a significant social stigma as well as discrimination. CSP sales reps typically visited targeted medical offices four times a year to discuss the drug and provide samples.

Metabical case study problem statement

Make sure that points identified should carry itself with strategy formulation process. To determine optimal package size for Metabical and establish pricing by forecasting demand of product in first 5 years and ensure that recommendation is according to CSP ROI.

Promote to dieticians, fitness centers, fitness trainers and online i. Other than that, the viral marketing will be implementing through social networking sites such as Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram and Blog to create buzz about Metabical. Case Study in Cqse 2. Primary and Secondary target a Physician and medical care Both of these two parties will be exposed on Metabical information during the public relation strategy. Retrieved November 20, from http: Women who are ages have money to purchase weight loss products and will spend money for a priblem.


Metabical- all you need to succeed.


In drug industry, it was quite uncommon and DTC was the new phenomena for the industry. However there are only 4.

metabical case study problem statement

Promote through print media brochures, pamphletstelevision, radio and online advertising. The percentage of obese had also inversely related with the education level and income level. Other than that, the weaknesses of the products also low if compare with the strength of the products itself. It calculates the relationship between weight and height associated with body fat and health risk.

The following strategy will apply: If Metabical were not successful within its initial consumers, credibility of the drug would be in question and FDA approval would mean little.

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Current Conditions and Future Directions. Printup could strategically planned strong and comprehensive marketing communication approaches that focus on creating the brand awareness and benefits to the targeted group.

metabical case study problem statement

The Weight-Loss Industry by the Numbers. This support program will include reference material such as online weight control tools. Respondents willing to pay for a prescription weight-loss drugs. The lowest pricing was selected because this target market has the possibility that it may look into other methods to lose weight such as Jenny Craig. The five forces are discussed below: