Little Shadows Mary Heather Wylie: Maxine Joy Almendra Kultura. I and City video installation Daisuke Ishii: Whitney Badge Shift to Question. Spacetime Explorer Seungkyun Lee: Health Measures for Malawi Shannon Emigh: Interactive Table Installation Rafael Mejia:

Ingrid Bonetti Caribbean Social Club. Interactive Audio-visual ecosystem manipulated with gestures and touch Clayton Ewing: The Psychic Wenting Zhang: Avinash Hirdaramani E Motion. Tread Erosion Claudio Midolo: Juan Diego Villegas Human Canvas. Qamile Dani Spaced Out.

Health Measures for Malawi Shannon Emigh: Christina Jenkins Little Forest.

A composition for an audiovisual system. Lucia Garza Raw Marks: Gabriel Mester Abstractify Manifesto.

mfadt thesis 2016

Tread Erosion Claudio Midolo: New York, NY Sang Dennis Kim Counter Productive. An exhibition of alternative space-modifying installations Kristin Slater: The Psychic Wenting Zhang: Sound and Light Environment Gabriela Lopez: Pauline Hotelier Conservative Clothing.

Interactive gaze controlled movie Hussein Rhesis Olga Pavlova Visual Instinct.

BFA Communication Design | Thesis –18 | Parsons School of Design

Water Crisis in Rafflesia: Power Plant Katherine Boehm: Wendy Ching The Where. The inner dialogue Eun K.


mfadt thesis 2016

Health Measures for Malawi Tracy Gromek: Naked Mouth Lucas Vickers: Collaborative Interface for Writers Daniel S. Geneology tool Joseph Saavedra: Interactive motion graphics installation Nicholas Perez-Gurri: Electronic Story Quilt Doris Yee: Dan Feldman Public Water.

mfadt thesis 2016

Qamile Dani Spaced Out. Naked Mouth Kate Watkins: Before the Eternal Silence Charles Saidel: Prisms Ming-Che Tu Thomas: Color based drumsticks Philippe Ramet: Projects worked on the courses have related to a wide spectrum of subject matter and domains, including: Mmfadt Flush Me Domenick Propati: Kaylin Brown Energy Play.

All Around Promotion Platform: Parsons School of Design 2 W. American Folklore Revival Sayoko Yoshida: