What rescued me from poverty was that my wife and some other mothers wrote a cookbook. I love the humor and could use this to introduce poetry to students. As the poems are read out loud to the class The class will be engaged by asking what they feel the moods or emotions are. I cannot say enough good things about this poetry book! I wanted him to have a home surrounded by grass and trees and ball fields, so I accepted a job in Minnesota, and Doug got a baby sister, Dana.

To find these poems, I tested poems in elementary schools. I went to St. I cannot say enough good things about this poetry book! I told him he was not. My Dog Ate My Homework! Nov 08, Madison Persinger rated it really liked it Shelves:

But still the fact remains, Bruce Lansky still has the hilarious touch that most people say that he has lost.

Hardcover96 pages. This takes me at least a week because I read a poem from each book. With every sing-songy poems, you’ll students will be laughing aloud! I don’t think I showed any part I was born on June 1, After reading the poem aloud a few times and having a brief classroom discussion, I pair the students off and they go on a “poetry hunt”.

This books includes silly poems about school, family, friends, doctors. There was no suggested rating for guided reading. I love to put these poems on the document camera so my students and I can read the poem together. Description A re-issue of the author’s celebrated Poetry Party, which features laugh-out-loud verses, collected with the help of more than junior and middle school children and their teachers in choosing the funniest poems about such subjects as parents, school dinners, sisters and brothers, teachers, homework, pets, measles and burping!


My Dog Ate My Homework

My dog feels very sorry and he licks me without fail. I remember every fun part of my school days.

my doggy ate my homework giggle poetry

Kelli rated it liked it Nov powtry, The poem I want to specifically review is “School Rules. Reading all the poems I didn’t know what to expect next. At the end of each session students can share a poem that they love and have rehearsed reading aloud. The poems have a connection to a child’s everyday life with a mix of imagination. This poem would lead into an excellent discussion about other school rules that my students think are important.

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This book has more smiles, chuckles, giggles, and guffaws than any other book of poetry previously written by a single author except If Pigs Could Fly. Therefore this book is definitely going to be a part of my lesson plans in the future. I feel this way because of my experience through grade school.

M mother would always tell him what I was doing and I would always get in trouble in school.

my doggy ate my homework giggle poetry

At first look I thought the poems were going to focus on the title of the book, but after reading the the first few poems my thoughts changed. Even if it seems hard sometimes, don’t give up. I would want to make sure students are engaged in the poems.


I loved reading this poetry book because each poem was so funny and I could immediately tell that children would enjoy these poems.

The only rule is to read and enjoy poetry. Students will gain a better knowledge about the elements of poems which will help with other forms of writing.

My Doggy Ate My Homework by Dave Crawley | Poetry Foundation

Some of the topics of dohgy poems were parents, brothers and sisters, pets, and school. Kim rated it liked it Mar 31, Get your very own dogvy by learning to read and write the very best that you can. All the poems are a lot of fun. It is a great collection of poetry on subjects kids find hilarious. Some poems were extremely funny I couldn’t help laughing out loud. The poems describe different situations that a child might go through.