The jobs that have been brought into China often provide a much better standard of living than other local jobs. Changing Populations and Places 2. Consequences of global climate change 3. Working conditions are still not great in China compared to what they are in other countries. At no point should the two groups collaborate with each other.

Think about the images, people and music. In a quest to be knowledgeable, you should be pushing yourself to gather further information. How it works 2. Explore the map showing Nikes global manufacturing locations. Read a sustainability article from the link below.

Task 1 – Show the ‘History of Nike’ video above. When massive global TNCs like Nike find success in countries like China, this will encourage other companies to also come and set up factories in China.

Click the infographic to follow link. Make light of the fact that Nike are quite a young company but have developed very quickly in terms of NIDL.

nike tnc case study gcse

How can Nike help development in China? At no point should the two groups collaborate with each other. Introduce the lesson by showing the Nike Promo video above.

How it works 2. Population and Economic Development Patterns 2. Towards the end of the lesson, niks group must make an appeal to the Factory Workers to come and join them. Changing Populations and Places 2. Changing urban systems 3. Introduction to oceans 2. The global partnership between Nike and China continues to go from strength to strength which means that they are nlke to keep investing more money in the country. This means that the local workers should be better off as a result of working for Nike than compared to other companies.


nike tnc case study gcse

In a quest to be knowledgeable, you should be pushing yourself to gather further information. A and a developing nation of your choice. How can Nike hinder development in China?

TNC Case Study – Nike

On a single side of A4 draw a 3×3 grid 9 squares. Causes of global climate change 2. Power, places and networks Unit 5: Task – Using all the resources here and the task sheet to the left, plan, stage and direct your video to show the issues involved in NIDL of Nike products. Nike make a large variety of products in factories across China.

When this has been done, the factory workers must go to the team that they want to not just because sthdy mates are there! Measuring food and health. Biodiversity and change Sustainability and the Environment. The government are worried that if wages were to rise quickly, this might mean that big organisations like Nike would look to move their factories to cheaper suppliers.


Lesson 4 – The presentation of ideas. Coral reefs and mangroves.

Nike a TNC case study by sam Messenger on Prezi

Although the headquarters is based in Oregon, USA, the company has over shops worldwide, offices across 45 countries and over contract factories with nearly 1 million workers across 50 countries. Gcsse of resource consumption Changing patterns of energy consumption Conservation strategies. Urban environmental and social stresses 4. Task 2 – Students complete activities from P. Geopolitics of oceans 5.

The US sportswear company Nike have had a sizeable niek of factories based in China for many years. Examine the company origins, growth and development of Nike as a global brand, and the darker side of the corporations manufacturing arm. Discuss the global image that Nike is portraying of their business.