The price-earnings ratio can be calculated as: Growth information recent years is also presented. After going door to door to explain the benefits of education to the parents and inspiring the students to attend the school, Lafarge Surma Cement was able to change the situation dramatically. This is less than 1. Help Center Find new research papers in: MCML has an excellent communication facility connecting all parts of the country through river and roads.

Times Interest Earned Interpretation: It explicitly provides guidelines for the appointment, scope of work, and retirement of auditors. Debt to Total Capital Interpretation: Valuation of cement companies in Bangladesh. Compare to Company average Heidelberg 1. Higher ratio is better.

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However, Z-Scores ranging from 1. Long-Term Investment Activity Ratios: At the same time the Board of Directors guides the Executive Committee of the Company to ensure that business activities are soundly administered. This study has also analyzed the productivity and performance rations of the cement industry with a view to indentifying the major problem areas and the prospects for solving them.

Thsis state of the art technology and international standard Quality Control and Monitoring system is also another distinctive feature that sets G/7456-rd Surma Cement apart from the rest of the cement companies.

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There are 2 nos. Nagarajan have identified that the influence of family relationship amongst the senior manages of all equity firms in decision-making process and came out with the following findings.

Price Earnings Ratio Interpretation: They are offering a wide variety of products and services to their customers and they believe that customers are their first priority. L afarge Surma Cement has one of the most unique operations in Bangladesh, clearly setting the company apart from the rest of the cement companies and other industries in Bangladesh. How to Find the Wordsi. The accounts payable turnover ratio shows the number of times that accounts payable are paid throughout the year.


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Internal Audit supports the Company in achieving o&b objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of its risk management, control and governance processes. Exceptional students meeting the criteria are also sponsored for higher technical education outside the State of Meghalaya. Compare to Company average Lafarge is more efficient Compare to Company average, Meghna is more efficient 7. If the debt-equity ratio is higher than this ratio will be lower.

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King Brand Cement is produced without compromising the quality. The plant of Lafarge Surma Cement, which is located in Chhatak Sunamganj is the only fully integrated dry process cement plant in Bangladesh where high premium quality clinker a semi finished product needed to produce cement and cement are produced utilizing sophisticated and state-of-the-art machineries and processes.

Bangladesh being one of the densely populated countries in the world, our standard of life, communication, industrial and agricultural growth etc. We identify these expectations systematically through a materiality analysis and incorporate them into our plans for the further development of our sustainability strategy. We know that we can only be successful as a company if we maintain cordial and cooperative relationships with the various stakeholders in society who are affected by our business operations on the local, national, and international levels.

Such a mismatch the inefficiency of working capital management of the company in this study. In addition, for routine approval from regulatory bodies, we provide information to Bangladesh Bank, Customs Authority and other relevant organizations. Furthermore, Heidelberg Cement offers services such as worldwide trading in cement and coal by sea.

Lafarge Surma Cement will continue to strive to come up with range of products and solutions that will convert architectural dreams into realities and provide the building blocks for a modern and beautiful country. The expectations of our external and internal stakeholders play a key role in the development of our sustainability strategy.


Within a very short period, these cement company have recognized as the leading cement company in the country. These ratios are weighted by coefficients which are estimated by spotting a set of firms which had declared a bankruptcy. Compare to the Company average Heidelberg is better than other companies because their share price is higher than the other so Heidelberg is better position to the EPS.

o&g thesis g/4756-rd

A number of research studies have been carried out on deferent aspects of performance appraisal by the researchers, economists and academicians in the area of finance thesus India and abroad, a review of this analysis is important in order to develop an approach that can be employed in the context of the present study. The total production capacity of the operation now stands at 2.

o&g thesis g/4756-rd

Many world thwsis historical. We operate on the market under the brands Scan Cement and Ruby Cement. Free consultation and medicines along with necessary diagnostic services are provided to the villages in and around Shella and Nongtrai Durbars throughout the week, with the help of a mobile clinic van, manned by a registered medical practitioner and health assistants.

Our core activities include the production and distribution of cement and aggregates, the two essential raw materials for the manufacture of concrete.

Following a successful public offerings, the company was listed with Dhaka Thseis Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange, the two bourses of the country in and respectively.