For OSUT guys, for instance, this takes days. My husband is at Fort Benning, Georgia and he is in Infantry too. Originally Posted by Gunbunny We were finally released and made the trek across the street to the paved field where the company was to Turn Blue. Quick links to the best spots in Town: I am confused about something.

I hope you get the opportunity to participate in this special occasion. And I highly recommend going! Hi, I enjoyed your story! Cindy January 5, , Wherever it is, expect it to be a very large venue.

He is at Ft. Plan on blowing most of a day.

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J and I went out for dinner, went to Winn Dixie for waters for the hotel room, and then hung out around the pool of the hotel until we were tired enough to go to bed. Remember that your soldier might not have had the opportunity to contact them all himself, so you can help him out by doing that for him. Stacey is an Army wife of a soldier who joined in Military ceremonies are something everyone should experience, even just once, to see how hard our service men and women train.

Nothing feels worse than missing that call! I hope you get the opportunity to participate in this special occasion. It is a wealth of knowledge. He is at Ft. OSUT is basic training and infantry training all rolled into one shot. If is associated with an Alamy account you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.


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After this, your soldier will turn in his cell phone and it will be stored away. AirborneArmy GraduationBasic Training.

Seating There is no assigned seating for families, but there will be plenty of it. Yes, he may opt to do airbourne but he will be graduation on March 2 from basic and AIT training.

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If your soldier is graduating from Ft Benning, be prepared for any type of weather. I mean, any kind of contact is good.

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You can photograph and record the entire event. Either a big auditorium, or, most likely a parade field.

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The gate guard will direct you to the Visitor Center and they will assist you in obtaining a pass. Cindy January 4,2: The Families report to sand hill and sit on the bleachers Saturday morning at am waiting on their solider.

osut graduation speech

Thank you for this valuable information— My son is doing the OSUT at Benning— Good part is we also live in Georgia so we will go whenever grasuation have the options to be there. Please know that this is only my experience at graduations. Like your husband, he will go to Airborne afterwards. They are on the main post — look for the jump towers. Professors listening to speaker at graduation ceremony at University of Virginia Graduates listening graduuation speaker outside Brighton UK 31st July – The renowned rapper and writer Akala receives a Doctor of Arts in recognition of his major contribution to empowering young people through learning at the University speecg Brighton Graduation ceremony today.


Concluding Thoughts on Army Basic Training Graduation Day While your soldier will experience many other meaningful moments in his or her career, none are quite like graduation day from Basic Training. This is rare, but it is really, really ost when it does happen. But there are some gems out there, so be on the lookout for a free refill of sweet tea.

The soldiers had another formation and then were released for the weekend. Stacey, We are arriving into Atlanta at about pm on March 1. What do you think? Figure about a hour and a half for the ceremony it’s self.

So rather than be released, he had to report to Airborne.