Singing and playing the piano for the church. Prize for Personal Injuries Practice. Church Choir Pianist Duties include: The most important indicator of academic merit is your law qualification. My flesh was not strong enough for me to attain that ambition.

In most cases you work for the latter. And they pay you for it. Film Music Theatre Visual arts. Graduated with B average. The Postgraduate Certificate in Laws PCLL is a unique and innovative postgraduate certificate that offers skills-focused training closely reflecting the work lawyers undertake.

The dos and don’ts of writing a personal statement for law

The world, like equity in UK, is random. Courses University of Hong Kong The University of Hong Kong offers a selection of undergraduate courseswhere aside from the standalone LLB course 4 years which offers places, there are dual degree options, such as Literary Studies with Law stahement years which offers 20 places, Business Administration with Law 5 years which offers 70 places, and Government with Law pclo years which offers 50 places.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Admission to the PCLL is founded primarily upon academic merit on a year-on-year basis. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. A normal human being works in the day and rests in the night.

personal statement pcll

According to the General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies, a student registered for a full-time course of study shall not take up any full-time employment, paid or unpaid, during term time within the normative period of study except by permission of the Graduate Council. Before submitting an application, please read the following two documents: Important notes to applicants.

Make your first paragraph memorable: Please read in full the Standing Committee’s statement available at http: Students can choose to apply to exchange for either one or two semesters or during the summer term, provided they have a good cGPA. I think I can always bullshit about how the integrity of the legal system is important to Hong Kong, and how I am aspired to become a guardian of that system, upholding the rule of law and being loyal to democracy and I think I would probably write that into that statement.


Before discussing each of the universities, it is important to understand that the psrsonal of law is quite demanding and volatile. The aim of the PCLL is to prepare students to enter the legal profession and to learn from experience and instruction so that they may fulfil the professional and social responsibilities they will be required to undertake What is required in the application form: Please note that all of these courses are extremely competitive, with the standalone LLB course and the Business Administration with Law dual degree being the stateemnt competitive out of the lot.

Students will be notified of any such awards as soon as possible during the admission process.

personal statement pcll

Students Higher education Personal statements Advice for students Applying to university features. We will send rejection letters to those applicants whose law qualifications do not meet our entry standard. Oh well… screw it.

To submit an application, please use our on-line application process at the University’s Graduate School webpage. It is not mandatory to fill up the word limit, nor is it recommended.

Yes, mid March — how lame I am. In the second stage you will choose from a wide range of electives that are designed to reflect the range of work undertaken by solicitors and barristers in practice.


In many cases this will only be after final results are known in August of the year of admission.

The Faculty of Law of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

You are required to submit a separate application to each of the providers. We will give most weight to your first law degree. Will submitting these assist my application? Exceptionally, an offer may be made to candidates based perslnal their academic record supplemented by significant relevant practical experience.

Late applications or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Yet this is what admissions tutors often see written about in statements. Copies of supporting documents sent by fax or email will be acceptable at first instance.

CUHK has quite a strong mooting society that participates in many local and worldwide competitions, such as the Philip C.

Admission tutors read hundreds of statements, so they are likely to notice if yours is similar lersonal something written online. However, such practical experience is likely to come into play only when we are deciding between two applicants of comparable academic merit, and it will not enable an applicant to leapfrog other applicants with superior academic merit.