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So any ways I get a pm back and I will include screen shots of this so you know I’m not making this up. I guessed I raged u soo much that u need to make up bullshit lies to look good on jsp. Lol kid is so bad. I wont be poor like u gtfo mexican. Monica is mine, get over it. Ps fuckin msg me on d2.

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Im guessing randoms dont realize when it happeneds to them. I’ve actually talked to a ton of people along with a few meds that say there are cases like where brothers live together and Paul allows them to use jsp etc etc, so wtf? The only reason he wouldnt post a pic smoking it, is because there is nothing to smoke. And wat will u do if I dont? Or has d2 consumed your life so much u dont goto school and sit around and play d2 all day. It isnt required essah their music. Best professional online essay writer can you write my assignment is at your service.

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Njag took the fg off of every single one of my banks and off of my account.