Every year, National Day Parade attendees receive a goodie bag. Joint stamp issues marked ties with Thailand and India, which was the second country to recognise Singapore. This is because identity is not a static snapshot of a people, frozen in time. Singapore has a mix of different races, social and cultural habits. Most amazing is how far and fast we have progressed from third world to first world country with a strong economy and a high quality of life. There are existing cultural classes conducted in English but more information should be provided to avoid erroneous assumptions. Occasions like Chinese New Year gradually become just another travel opportunity.

Losing our ethnic identity means lowering our competitive edge over other homogeneous countries. WE COMMONLY describe a national identity as something constructed from tangible markers such as Singlish or durian or chicken rice, or intangible values such as pragmatism or tolerance, or whatever. This implies recognising, not avoiding, our differences. It recorded the oral history of life on 12 of the southern islands: So for several years as a teenager I raised the flag every morning at our hastily erected flagpole on technically Singapore soil, and eventually I qualified to be a citizen. We are all identities in creation, and the end result will not be uniform. Images being projected on a screen at The Future Of Us exhibition.

If we put that all together to sculpt a single, proverbial Merlion identity, it will be iconic and recognisable more to foreigners than to us. When I was detained by Mr Lee under the Internal Security Act, I was only 24 and he was already 53 years old – in his fearsome, intimidating prime.

Our identity may have started more as a rojak salad than as an artificial Merlion but over time even the rojak salad will evolve further, with new and unusual ingredients, while the Merlion remains an unnatural and static animal. I am fortunate because I am a privileged, Chinese, heterosexual, male businessman. For food-lovers, we can have a recipe exchange where different races can learn from one another and improvise, such as making Halal dumplings and adding some Indian spices.

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In November, PM Lee launched a three-month-long showcase of the arts from both sides of the Causeway to mark 50 years of friendship s50 Singapore and Malaysia. The cleanliness and greenery are common sights everywhere, not just Changi Airport and attractions for tourists are.


sg50 celebration essay

Singapore’s foreign friends too lined up a slew of commemorative events to make 50 years of ties with the Republic.

The Health Ministry in May announced goodies for seniorsthanking them for making Singapore what it is today.

Singaporeans were encouraged to share their memories and moments related to the country in the form of texts, audio files, video files or images. The ag50 issued by the national postal service providers of Celebragion and Thailand featured the traditional Thai dessert mango sticky rice and the ice-cream sandwich commonly sold on Singapore’s streets. However, Singapore’s multitude of races and cultures made me feel no longer alien.

For example, I may stir clear of the Bharathanatyam, an Indian classical dance course because I thought it is strictly for Indians or assume it is conducted only in Tamil. You are the entire ocean, in a drop. Fifty of the most endearing places, based on the frequency of mentions, were used to create a first-of-its-kind, crowd-sourced “heart map” which includes Changi Airport and Toa Payoh, dssay first satellite town in Singapore.

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Highlights of the Sing50 concert included a moving tribute to the late founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew during a three-movement concerto by composer Kelly Tang, as well as a stirring rendition of the national anthem Majulah Singapura at the end.

This implies recognising, not avoiding, our differences. To cope with the conflict between national and ethnic identity, the essential key is not to bind each exsay to their individual ethnic identity.

Occasions like Chinese New Year gradually become just another travel opportunity.

Many personal stories, one Singapore identity

Many Singaporeans signed up as volunteers and others involved by cheering for our athletes; some also brought their young children along to show them the Singapore spirit at work. Some of the short videos the project produced based on the contributions went viral after they were posted on the irememberSG Facebook page.

Not wanting to limit the grand experience to one night, the concert has fuelled the Sing50 Fund, which seeks to promote and preserve Singapore’s pop music heritage via schools, performances and educational platforms.


History comprises both the universally experienced, historically momentous events and the small, personal milestones of each person. In other words, celehration and I are not cogs in a machine, or grains of sand, or drops in the ocean. Under its “50 Bridges” programme, a series of arts and community engagement events were presented to Singapore.

sg50 celebration essay

More thanpeople aged 60 years and above were eligible. TOC Ltd is interested in the development of the online media sphere in Singapore, with the view of promoting an open and diverse media environment that values the constructive collaboration of ideas and views.

But my first extended stay in Singapore, for more than a week or so at a time, was at the age of 20 when I came here for national service. These intangible markers, which measure our progress as a nation, will in part also form our identity, because it will give heft and weight and shape to what we value.

Seven sy50 from the visual and literary scenes came together to bring to life some of the stories shared by the contributors for the SG Heart Map festival in November. We need to find the balance between national and ethnic identity.

My grandson due next month, and who will be 50 when Singapore celebrates its th anniversary, can only say he was born a few months after Mr Lee passed away.

sg50 celebration essay

Other people may march to their own drumbeat and at their own pace. Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s absence at the parade was marked by an empty seat in his honour. My simple answer as to why I chose to live and put down my roots here, is that here I do not feel like a stranger. I met my wife here, my children were all born and grew up here.