Share this Rating Title: What’s Leaving Netflix in June 5. Because it had Florence walking back to her room when she gets home. It ended the same way on Local channels and on TV Land. Florence” is an episode of “The Jeffersons”. It tries to speak out about a very real and pressing issue that society has yet to address and it does so real effectively without completely abandoning its comical edge.

It just ended oddly, I was like “What the Hell there should be more”. A local television show decides to do a story on the suicide hotline at the Help Center, and that means Louise is the one that will be interviewed since she is In this episode, the audience gets to meet both Florence’s mother and father. Game of Thrones 2. So can someone tell me how it ended on TVland or any other station? Use the HTML below. How does it end on the DVD?

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? It just ended oddly, I was like “What the Hell there should be more”.

the jeffersons jennys thesis

Florence’s cousin really doesn’t get much character development and he only appears in the episode for about five minutes total. Louise Jefferson Sherman Hemsley Masters jeennys the Universe.


Jenny goes to the ghetto to write a thesis about gang violence. I find it so funny since you want a answer to that particular ep, that’s the DVD set I can’t find right now.

Jenny’s Thesis

Game of Thrones 2. Your opinion is valuable. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free! Florence Johnston Berlinda Tolbert The story pits Louise against Florence and Florence against Louise when Florence takes a plaque that Louise needs engraved for a ceremony at the Help Center the next day to someone other than the person that normally does the Jeffersons’ George is worried when Jenny goes to Harlem to research a thesis.

Edit Storyline Jenny goes to the ghetto to write a thesis about gang violence. Why did the Preacher ep seem unfinished? Here’s What’s New on Netflix in June 3. Louise is the central character of focus in this episode.

Feel free to rate it! In this episode, George announces that he wants to buy a piano for the apartment after seeing a large home in a magazine with a grand piano. Oh ok, I remember now. Jenny’s Thesis 04 Mar 7.

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Ralph Hart Ernest Harden Jr. Piano Man” is an episode of “The Jeffersons”. It ended the same way on Local channels and on Jefffersons Land. I remember the episode from when it use to air on another local station, But it just seem unfinished. There, she meets a 12 year old boy who is already a veteran gang member. Tom Willis Marla Gibbs And then they had George asking Weezie if Florence knew that her preacher had died an hr or so ago. A ratings winner, ‘The Jeffersons’ spawned a s moreā€¦ The jefferskns ‘All in the Family’ spin-off about a couple movin’ on up from the Bunkers’ modest Queens neighborhood to Manhattan’s ritzy East Side.


the jeffersons jennys thesis

It is one of the more emotionally-charged episodes of the series. The Big Bang Theory 6. If one gang attacks a person belonging to a different gang, the other street gang will retaliate, as shown in this episode.

The Jeffersons S04e26 – Jenny’s Thesis

I was thinking you were talkimg about the ep with Florence on stage singing with Andre Couch. By emotionally-charged, I mean the episode is designed to invoke a strong emotional response in the audience.

Florence Episode “Louise vs.