Be sure to secure a date, time, and location. It contains a significant amount of new international dissertations and theses both in citations and in full text. Check out the calendar. In this case, the student will receive only a Ph. This document outlines the admissions process for prospective students, as well as the requirements and guidelines for current students. Failure of the thesis defense. Students are encouraged to obtain a clear written statement from their advisor detailing the expectations for a Research Assistantship and arrangements for financial support.

Once you have been given approval to do so by the Graduate School, visit Fogler Library’s Theses Instruction page for steps to create a DigitalCommons account and enter metadata for your thesis or dissertation. Students are encouraged to obtain a clear written statement from their advisor detailing the expectations for a Research Assistantship and arrangements for financial support. If the student passes the comprehensive examination, the academic adviser will notify the Graduate School that the student has completed the qualifying exam and is now a Ph. Beginning your graduate career can be intimidating, nerve-racking, and just plain confusing. A copy of the thesis must be delivered electronically for review to the Office of the Graduate School no later than 24 hours prior to the defense. The thesis must be accompanied by the Tentative Thesis Acceptance Form.

Check with the largest library where you have borrowing privileges to learn about their ILL procedures. Payment is expected in advance, with checks made to the University of Maine.

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There will then be a period of questioning by the advisory committee and qualified personnel about the thesis material and closely related material. OATD currently indexes 4, theses and dissertations.

The defense of the thesis is oral and consists of three parts: A presentation by the graduate student lasting approximately 30 minutes that summarizes the problem, the scientific design, and the results of the investigation. Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine if they are eligible for financial support or a tuition waiver during the summer months.


Students entering the graduate program in Earth and Climate Sciences typically have completed at least one year of chemistry, physics, and calculus, as well as several courses in Earth or environmental sciences beyond the introductory level. Failure to meet this deadline, or an alternative one set by the Advisory Committee, will result in a delay in receiving the graduate degree.

A complete, edited draft of thdsis thesis should be submitted to the Advisory Committee at least one month prior to the anticipated date for the thesis defense no later than April 1 for May graduation, or November 1 for December graduation.

Research Assistantships are awarded on a rolling basis, depending on the timing of awarded funding. Doctoral students will complete schpol three-part evaluation during their tenure at the school:. For more information, or to submit a request, contact:. Students must complete and submit this form by completion of 12 credit hours or by the third registration whichever comes first.

To obtain graduate credit for courses, an A or B grade must be earned.

Responsible Conduct of Research – Graduate School – University of Maine

Before submitting an application, students should contact individual faculty members within the School to determine if:. New students will be admitted only if there is clearly defined financial support for individuals. Try to remember that the staff are here to assist you in every way possible.

Buy some appropriate winter apparel! Individual faculty who receive these awards select the individual who will work on a funded project. Between your coursework, research, participating in departmental events, and other work you should expect that much of your graduate study will be more time intensive than your undergraduate degree work. Search this Guide Search. The thesis consultants will review for formatting and consistency and notify you and your advisor via email of any changes.


Undergraduate students in the Honors College should contact the Honors College directly at honors maine. Failure to complete an approved thesis proposal may result in a recommendation to withdraw from the graduate program or termination of an Assistantship. A thesis Advisory Committee must be established, and thesis topic identified by the end of their second semester.

Once all revisions to the thesis have been made, the Committee chair and Graduate Coordinator will sign Sections 2 and 3 of the Final Thesis Acceptance Form. Each graduate student will be assigned a desk and be given keys to appropriate laboratory and office space. For full text, you can place an Interlibrary Loan request.

umaine graduate school thesis guidelines

They can serve multiple purposes: They can serve multiple purposes:. Submit the Notice of Oral Examination Submit the Notice of Oral to us at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled defense.

umaine graduate school thesis guidelines

Theses and dissertations can be viewed in the Department. Students are encouraged to attend seminars sponsored by other academic units, participate in graduate student government, present their research at the graduate student exposition, and participate umalne regional and national conferences. At that point the student is judged to have completed all of the requirements for the Doctoral degree in Earth and Climate Sciences. Master of Science Requirements Master of Science students must select an academic advisor from the School by the end of the first semester.