Methods In order to gather the broadest possible sample of DSP questions, we collected as many instruments as we could, using several methods: In Rhetorical philosophy and theory. Perhaps some students can discern what kind of academic writing DSP questionnaires strive to evoke. For some items we examined, the underlying concept for a question is unclear: Is a choice offered a choice received? The essay I wrote was not brought up by my teacher so I do not even know if he read it or not.

Arguing that the validity of DSP in local Local assessment Rhetorical genre theory contexts depends to a great extent on the initial theoretical and empirical basis of the instruments used to structure DSP processes, the researchers discuss the problems as well as the possibilities of the concepts and dimensions currently used in DSP questionnaires. However, the framing of this concept varies. I felt Gladwell made several equally-important arguments, rather than one central argument. Ask them to consider the effectiveness of each instance. Reflection on and Revisions of Directed Self-Placement. Log In Sign Up.

Assessing Writing, 6 2— Incoming students are required to complete the online portion of DSP at least five business days before their scheduled orientation session.

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This speaker will explain the rationale for and benefits of this modification. In short, the fundamental question is not whether DSP is a valid form of placement—as Kane asserts, validity inheres not ymich the test itself but rather in its interpretation and use. I focused especially on the paragraphs at the beginning and end of the article c. Concepts and dimensions in a DSP questionnaire: Directed self-placement at Belmont University: The DSP instructions promise students that their dep instructors will receive their essays and use them to identify areas of writing strength and weakness.


Writing Program Administration, 32 157— Writing that agrees or disagrees with ideas that have been asserted in other texts.

DSP from the Student Perspective

Then write your own essay in which you support or challenge his argument using evidence from the article. An Attitude of Orientation. Essag question is what approaches dp DSP have the greatest consequential validity in their local contexts see Gere et al.

Though outside the scope of the discussion here, this starting point likewise helps Laura consider how not only DSP essays but also DSP questions can shape instruction, so that the entire DSP assessment is informed by and informs teaching Gere et al.

The DSP Five Years In: Reflection on and Revisions of Directed Self-Placement

Assessment and instruction within a university writing program pp. From the dsl perspective, the DSP process includes the following steps: Thus, a writing program must achieve conceptual alignment between its DSP instrument and the local construct as a necessary starting point for the longer-term process of validat- ing any DSP procedure.

We compiled six DSP questionnaires we have personally helped develop. Activity theory and its implications for writing instruction.

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Email Address of Submitter: College Composition and Communication, 50 154— Click here to sign up. Such developments will contribute to a robust and empirically-grounded body of research on DSP and the ability of WPAs to construct compelling arguments for its adoption at their institutions.

Genre is clearly the central concept here.


umich dsp essay

The research paper I was asked to do was not brought up at all by teacher in Eng. We begin by reviewing the literature on DSP instrumentation.

Introduction to applied questionnaire design coursepack. Furthermore, despite our best efforts to secure the most current DSP instruments for each institution, it is likely that at least some of the questionnaires included in the analysis are dated. Of the thirty questionnaires, nine use the terms paper and essay interchangeably, umih on the question. Answer the DSP for Writing self-assessment questions. Speaker one will describe the DSP model which, in addition to the questions usually posed by DSP, asks students to read an article and write an evidence-based essay.

Speaker four will describe the new Multilingual DSP, instituted to support international students, and will explore how adapting DSP for specific student populations can deepen our understandings of how to best support students as they make their placement choices.

In the original GVSU model, this instrument was a brochure that incoming students received during a special session at orientation. Despite our growing experience with DSP implementation, we have often felt that we were, on some level, still winging the question- naire design.

These web-based DSP instruments—which often use online survey platforms—offer great potential for increasing the consistency and utility of DSP.

umich dsp essay